Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Meetings, Ghost Writers and large glass and concrete angular modernist building designs of the sixties

The Ghost Writer had to spend the day in his grey office on what started as a grey day doing an odd assortment of things including a meeting with his boss which according to the boss was only three and a half years overdue, it appears that it is normal to have a bit of a chat with the boss once a year just to make sure everything is OK. The Ghost Writer though is very part time and so tends to miss the boss quite a lot and as the Ghost Writer is an IT man he skulks about in dark small spaces as IT men (and Zombies) do, its traditional.  But every now and again someone from the national headquarters comes and does a bit of an audit and spotted that the Ghost Writer had escaped scrutiny for rather a long time, leading to his downfall and the meeting. He says he also discovered that almost all the things he said he was going to do at the last meeting he still has not done, but its OK because he is a very Cheap Ghost Writer and IT man and at the end of the day you do get what you pay for (so any bad typing and spelling is his fault)..

While on the subject of the end of the day, after a day of grey and not perfect weather particularly for us chaps stuck in the large glass and concrete angular modernist designs (boxes) of the sixties that reflected the principle that if a young child is given an interesting present in a plain cardboard box it will play with the box, therefore I have this cunning idea for a school full of children. I think it is why I make things out of cardboard to try and turn the box into the interesting thing that should be in the box.

Hang on what happened there I was saying . . . . .   While on the subject of the end of the day, after a day of grey and not perfect weather the sun has finally come out so that we can watch it vanish over the horizon  . . . . . O what fun . . .. . .. Typical, I may go and hide in a box. . . . . . HAH HAHAH HAH HA HAH HAH HAH ha hah ah ah hah ah ah hah ah ha ha hah ah Ooooooo mum has just said IDIOT.  


  1. Now I am thinking that the nearly perfect gift would be boxes inside of boxes.

    I am in the middle of learning many new things so my head hurts but in a good way. I did buy a crow bar today and I had been using it to dismantle things that are in the way of mantling (?) the new equipment. I need a nap but I feel my pile of dismant-ed object is not quite high enough to justify a nap. Plus tomorrow is a holiday (here) so there is definitely fuLLy qualified nap time in there somewhere but I am not sure that my wife wiLL see it as such. So I am stuck between a pillow and a soft place.

    1. I think the Russians have beaten everyone with the idea of a box inside a box and have over time developed the idea so it has now become the classic Russian Dolls, or small boxes inside small boxes.

      crows bars are good at dismantling things but not good at putting them together.

      I too will shortly be stuck between a pillow and a soft place until tomorrow morning. A holiday?

    2. It's the simplest of holidays to remember because it is just the name of the day, Fourth of July. I think it actuaLLy is caLLed Independence Day, but everyone always says,
      "Where are you going
      (What are you doing)
      ((What are we cooking))
      for FoJ?"

      Yes, I thought about the Russian doLLs while writing the box-in-box-in-box-... sentence, but I was thinking more purist simple Style of Rob cardboard boxes, yet closely fitting. I have a different "box" project at the moment trying to decide the best way to safely move and get positioned a taLL box (HVAC unit) through a shorter doorway and finding a hoisting mechanism, and debating tilting versus sliding versus extra remodeling, with time and money constraints.

      Level Ungineering.

    3. I had totally forgotten the date as I guess I might have thought of the correct holiday. I knew it was not Christmas yet because it is too cold.

      Putting a large tall box through a small short doorway is a job for several men leaning on shovels shaking heads and pointing. Oooooo that makes me think have you considered lowering the floor level

    4. Yes, I have considered lowering the floor level of the final area inside the closet, it will just require doing some eXtra carpentry work now and then more to replace the current door with a longer door.

      My wife is making some BBQ and potato salad for lunch. For something along the lines of patriotism I purchased the Autobiography of Malcolm X and got started reading it this morning.

    5. Hope all is well . . . Summer has arrived in Britain today ..... :)

  2. Hmm, I have a hunch that the ghost writer is actually YOU, yes YOU! I've uncovered the secret! Do I get a prize?

    1. I deny everything..... Yes whatever it is,was or might be . . . . I am a innocent man, and I don't mean those fruit smoothies either.

      A prize how a about a portrait of your blueness holding a certain biscuit. OK its not much of a prize but bearing in mind my profile text I feel it is appropriate (I will put pen to paper later)