Sunday, 28 July 2013

Life the Universe and Everything and the discovery of Forty Two.......

You can be pottering about minding your own business cutting some grass and hedges looking for creatures to do battle with, footprints of Zombies, and evidence of alien life in the undergrowth, when something will pop up at you like a little beacon.  In my case it was a number that sort of popped up in the garage. You see the nature of my diary and my bumbling about in cyberspace as the eccentric child of cyberspace, having strange and quirky adventures means that I can relate to the number forty two rather well. And there it was staring me in the face in the garage; the number that we all know represents the answer to life the universe and everything from that book written by that chap Douglas Adams who interestingly enough was left handed and owned a rather cool left-handed Watkins Guitar just like myself. 

Forty  Two

I think what this must imply is that through my own rather strange tale in the voids of cyberspace I am getting very close to finally solving the question to the answer that forty two represents. In other words I am on the brink of discovering what the universe is finally all about.

In the meantime however I have decided to go off and find a wild mad beast to draw in the darkest recesses of the garden. There are creatures out there that man has not yet set his foot on (sorry his eye on), no hang on probably best to stick you foot on it first, lets face it most things sting or bite humans although you cant blame them really, folk keep sticking there feet on them. . . . . . . HAH HAH AH HH AH HHAH HAHHA HAH HAH HAH HAH HA HAH ah ha hah ah ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ha ha hah a hah h h hh h ha hah hhahah hah  . . . . . . Mum just said IDIOT.



  1. The answer to life as determined by 42 is either * or B. Depending on whether the 42 is decimal or hexadecimal when you decode it in the ASCII Table. Or if you wish to be creative and go half the distance between them, then it is the character 6. Another thing interesting about the distance between decimal 42 and hexadecimal 42 is that it is decimal 24 which is 42 backwards. Oh, ouch, now my head hurts.

    1. I noticed that the odometer for your page visits is almost 56789.

    2. I had a Hawaiian friend in college named Watkins, but she probably didn't build your guitar.

    3. You are a very clever and observant man Mr ESB. I had not noticed the impending arrival of 56789 which in conjunction with 42 and the meaning of the universe must mean something important.

      I think the universe as a whole must be 1, so then the universe as 1 added to the answer to life the universe and everything would be 43, which if we look at backwards extrapolating towards the ultimate question of the universe would be 34 . . . So we have the universe 1, the question 34 the answer 42 and a page count of 56789, which just leaves 0 which would be the two fours cancelling each other out allowing us to state that we have a post that can proudly state that 0123456789 means something?

      Ooooo the Watkins who made the guitars was British and called Jim, so probably not you friend.

    4. Its Blogging Jim but not as we know it . . . . HAH HAHAHHA HHAH HAH AH HAH AH HAH AHHA HAH Ah hh ah ah ha hah ah ah ah ha ha hah ah ahhah a hah ah ah

    5. Speaking of four and two and for and to, I just noticed a strange bug in the weather maps at the moment: Leftover Clouds

      When I tried to change from city to city and see the rain cloud activity in motion, a certain pattern of clouds on the screen didn't change, AND followed me from city to city (these cities were even in different states!). I even tried switching between hourly weather non-map display and mapping and stiLL the stiLL clouds are there. I am thinking Harry Potter, maybe?