Saturday, 20 July 2013

Boats, Moons and a quick Hello and Goodnignt

I am back at the helm I can say that because while I was away I made the boat the helm is attached to, so in other words I can take the helm with me.

This is a short diary entry because it is near as damn it midnight, and probably will be by the time I get this in cyberspace, but in short PHEW its hot . . . . And Hay that moon looks cool, I got a picture of it using my little telescope so WELL COOL indeed.

After saying farewell to Mr F and heading home Mr F came to see us and arrived just an hour or so after we did, so he is staying for a couple of days, but he has to head home to be in work Monday morning.

I will tell of our trip tomorrow but it is good to be back in the West among the rolling hills of the English Welsh borders . . . . . . . So for now GOOD NIGHT . . . .  


  1. The moon is looking real good. Me thinks you might dream of sailing there.

    Hope you had a comfortable sleep. Not easy with this heat.

    1. I am still working on the boat it is part of a cunning plan, but not to sail to the moon.

      It was cooler last night and I am starting to get things sorted out again after a bit of a flurry of activity . . . . . . Life is not predictable which is rather annoying at times