Saturday, 9 February 2013

tongue and groove wood panelling and a tiny dinosaur's head

Today due to the cold and damp (although no rain) I have continued the fitting of the tongue and groove wood panelling to the kitchen, there is very little left to go now although the very last bit is going to get held up waiting for some wiring to be done. Unlike in the old days when the general public could go around wiring anything to anything; these days you must be officially sanctioned in order to wire things up. The only real exception to this appears to be attempting to create a monster out of human parts using lightning, I think it is because fundamentally in that case you are dealing with an off grid system, although the health and safety executive have told dad off in the past for making monsters. Mind you since dad’s last monster did eat the health and safety man which at first you would think is bad it appears the result is our house is now black listed and health and safety officers say they refuse to do home visits on grounds of heath and safety, so that is good….

As you all know cyberspace can be a very strange world but from time to time so can the very real world of reality, and today I learnt of a strange little tale from the real world of reality that has all the hallmarks of life in cyberspace.

It appears that just before Christmas not very far away there was a small child who had a pet dinosaur, not a huge real one because that does not happen in the real world, no this is a smallish stuffed toy (bringing us back to reality).  The small child who I will not name because I don’t who he is, wanted a woolly hat for Christmas for his stuffed dinosaur.

It is worth remembering that a dinosaur has a small head in relationship to the size of its body so the small child’s small stuffed dinosaur had a small head, a regular sized woolly hat would fit a dinosaur that was huge and that would crush a small child. So finding a small woolly hat for the child’s dinosaur was a bit of a headache. It is at this point things start to get a bit strange, you see there are people out there that knit woolly hats for a particular type of yoghurt pot . . . . . . NO, this is entirely true it is some sort of charity thing raising money for abandoned yoghurt or something of the like. Unfortunately these turned out to be too big as we are talking  very small dinosaur so tiny head. Then someone who I know quite well knew of someone else who knits little hats for Ferrero Rocher chocolates that look like little knitted Christmas puddings . . . . . .WHAT? . . . . . . . . . Its entirely true if you think we are off on some strange story again then Google Ferrero Rocher knitted woolly hats and you will see that there is a knitting pattern available. And it turns out that this tiny hat made for a chocolate was just the right size for the dinosaur’s head (that’s a very small head) and the small child was very happy. And people think I live in a strange world but I can assure you none of us knit hats for either yoghurt or chocolates.

OK that’s enough for today I am waiting for sun and blues skies and refuse to have my daily diary stretched into war and peace until I have warmed up . .. . . . . . . .. 


  1. I did have a comment, mainly about the wonders that is Ferraro Roche but unfortunately, sleep deprivation had caused my brain to currently seize upon itself. :)

    1. What you need is a woolly hat that looks like a Ferraro Rocher.