Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mars and the Cat

Today was rather cold and misty first thing, and rather quiet as we were expecting the mad axe-men with chainsaws to arrive today to chop the big bit of tree down, but they never arrived probably because they have had to go and sort out another job of greater importance.

With all this astronomy on the television in the form of Skygazing Live myself, the Ghost Writer and Mr Jones thought there might be a bit of resurgence in interest in aliens but it appears that this is not the case. I think most people are still sulking after the anticlimax of the End of the World which sort of didn’t and those huge alien monsters sort of turned out to be next doors cat again.  I think another significant issue is that Stargazing Live is a science program and in general the masses are not fans of science, and yes I did mention maths yesterday so sorry about that.  However one good thing is I have joined the Mars mapping thing, a web site where you have to mark features on Mars, it is not super exciting because as the dog insists they have air brushed all the aliens out.  And just at present the site appears not to be reliable, probably due to a surge in interest; academics always have a bit of a scare when the masses arrive on mass to their web sites resulting in a giant crash. Well if you will tell all the geeky folk watching a nationwide well advertised geeky program it is to be expected.

The site by the way is at the following, but don’t expect it to work all that well until the novelty of it wears off in a few days time, such is the mind of the human being

Please note this image is the property of Planetfour or Mars

Sooty the Cat has started his new Guinness book of records attempt today at eating as much food as you can in one day. He is up to 12meals so far I think it might be more we are all hiding from him because of the noise he is making. He is only little and must be close to eating his own weight in food in one day. I know that cats are a bit prone to eating more the colder it gets but it is due to get colder yet and there is only so much food  a supermarket can stock……..

I am definitely in the middle of a mid-winter writers block too, so writing my diary is a right old game at present, I can hear that Harry Potter laughing hysterically in the distance waving his wand and shouting Writiousium Ablankious Nowordiox, I always said never trust a young wizard with bad plastic surgery on their forehead in a vane attempt to do a re-enactment of Zorro the Movie . . . . .

Ooooooo I have just missed Stargazing Live too due to events (and people say there are no Aliens, really I must remember to take the camera next time)….. Lucky I had a small stick with me PHEW.

As it says in the song . . . Be yourself no matter what they say


  1. People are still sulking...:)

  2. If it wasn't for all this fog and cloud and what not, would be out there with my scope pretending to know what i am doing. as it is, things are just too foggy and dull in the sky. can hardly see the scary old man who wanders past the wood behind us - but I know he is there. Could he be related to Mr Jones i wonder?

  3. I have also joined the Planetfour thing and now expect my Nobel prize for science when they realise I have found Waldo! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. Good for you Mr H I look forward to seeing you on Mars. I dont expect to find Waldo but I might find his Salad .. . . . .