Sunday, 10 June 2012

a none commercial Olympic icon and Leonardo da Vinci

I have had a busy day gardening, it is one of the disadvantages of taking over a house and garden owned by an elderly little old lady who would not cut anything down. Although I can sympathize with the logic in this, no one likes to attack plants with a huge super sharp machete or a flame thrower set to stun. Well OK it is rather fun, me and the dog admit to having odd moments when we get carried away as we battle our way through virgin forest exploring precariously balanced eco-systems. It is how me and the dog got to find the very last giant deciduous woodland purple tree orchid. The dog said we should name it after us, but I had to point out we have just chopped down the last one and attacked it with a flame thrower………. So best we never mention it really………AH, I did.

Anyway we were in the garden doing gardening things, as the weather has yet again managed a rather pleasant day. There is still loads to do but we are for now all well done in and are resting.

I have also managed to get the bulk of the work done on making a plinth for the cultural Olympian to stand on. He will be a none commercial Olympic icon, which as far as I can see this not allowed as apparently all Olympic icons can only be Olympic icons if the have official corporate sponsorship. The cultural Olympian has no sponsorship what so ever let alone corporate, but in the true spirit of the Olympics he will sit upon his plinth proudly holding a torch, and will not be invisible.  I need to contact my contact man about the show he will be in as I have a feeling the whole thing is slightly larger than the organizers think it will be. After all it will stand about six feet tall, a fair size for a cardboard sculpture.

He will eventually be an exhibit in the world famous iconic gallery ‘The International Implausible Gallery of Insubstantial Rationality’, the advantage of exhibiting there is it is beyond the reach of corporate sponsorship and their army of legal representatives and the gallery will proudly display works of art that otherwise would never be seen like The Battle of Anghiari (1505) by Leonardo da Vinci or the The Statue of Zeus made by the Greek sculptor Phidias, circa 432 BC.

File:Leonardo da vinci, Battle of Anghiari (Tavola Doria).jpg

I am also contemplating making a larger structure out of hazel for a family barbeque next Sunday, the plan is to make a structure to put a large canopy over so it needs to by fifteen feet wide and twenty five feet long and maybe ten to twelve feet high. It would be easy if it were not for the fact I also have loads of other things to do. I don’t know why I do these things really, just as a small gap seems to turn up that will make life a little easier I fill it with a mad idea to do. Mum apparently has a theory as to why I do this she says that I am an IDIOT …….AH.

That’s it I’m off now sorry today was not that exciting but that is life for you. A daily diary is not easy to make exciting every day.... 



  1. As for today, filling small gaps is a great thing to for yesterday's distractions: cow, flying bug, fish, clouds - I'd sy worthy distractions of June.

    1. Thank you that is very kind to say say but sometimes a small gap would be a good move, although not the Watford gap

  2. It is s'pposed to be nice here today with a high of 86. I think we get rain then later in the week.

    I have nothing too terribly eXciting, eXcept I am getting a bottle of copper glue today.

    After going GriLLed Chicken Sandwich-less since Saturday, I think I must soon head to the diner. I think I slept fairly weLL, as I did not hear the phone ring when my friend caLLed at 2 AM.

    I hope you become supremely famous with your fabulous statue. Oopz, I need to hide, I think my wife is trying to find me in order for me to make coffee ... I have accused her in the past of being a lazy bum for not learning how to use my coffee-maker. She just smiles and hugs me and continues to say its my job ... Flattery wiLL get you sum-wear.

    1. I have been making flames today out of paper and cardboard. Fragile things until they are in their final position in the sculpture when they will form a clever piece of triangulation and thus become structurally sound.

      The triangle and the curve are such nice strong shapes it is possibly to make almost anything, (Ok not a chicken sandwich or a coffee).

      I don't think I will be supremely famous by the way although it would be good for the future of cardboard.