Friday, 24 February 2012

looking at the ISS with a goat in a wet suit breathing oxygen on the top of a pylon.

I have abandoned looking at the International Space Station tonight. That sounds like I plan to have a little tour round it which would be cool but no I merely refer to its fly over, no not the road type fly over but the ISS flying over head. And by that I don’t mean it was planning to follow my head about although there is no reason why it could not do that?

Anyway all I am saying it that it is very overcast AGAIN and so the chance of seeing it is remote. I think tonight is the last night it passes us for a while too. Which is just as well as Esmeralda was planning to catapult a goat at it

She is not being cruel by the way she has fitted it up with an oxygen bottle borrowed from her Granny and a wet suit to protect it from the UV radiation.  

I have just looked outside to be sure and believe it or not there was a small break in the cloud and we did see a satellite. But before anyone could inform Esmeralda that it was not the ISS, just one of mums Russian spy satellites there was a huge ping sound and the goat was on its way to space.

Well of course it was never going to get there was it, Esmeralda’s maths are rubbish and it is now safely back on the ground, well it is on the top of a large pylon at present. Why is it when you phone the emergency services to get the fire brigade to come and rescue a goat in a wet suit breathing oxygen, from the top of a pylon, you get shouted at. They say I am wasting the time of the emergency services with stupid calls NOT FAIR if I said the cat was stuck up a tree they would come and save it, and the goat needs them more than the cat does. As it happens the cat is up a tree, he was freighted by a goat in a wet suit shouting Geronimooooooooooooooo oooooooo ooooooooo AuuuuuUGHHHHHHhhhhhhhh.

Interestingly at school today the History teacher asked us what can we learn from history and I told him if your name is say King Harold you should not go out looking up at the sky for the International Space Station it will only lead to trouble………… The History teacher said IDIOT.  

We have started an ECO warrior experiment today involving chilli seed. If you buy a packet of chilli seed it will cost £2:85p, well it did round here and you get 6 seeds in it. That is nearly 50p a chilli seed O MY GOD that’s weight for weight more that the price of gold. So we have also put the seeds from half a fresh chilli from the shop (much cheaper) in a similar pot in the same compost and we will see which one grows the best. We got 15 seeds from half the chilli too.

I was convinced this morning today was Saturday?



  1. Have you tried looking at the four largest moons of Jupiter? If you use a set of binoculars you can see them. They move visually fast enough that you can see changes in some of their positions relative to Jupiter during a single night. I am not sure where Jupiter is at in the sky at the moment ... but there are a few web sites that can point you in the right direction. It helps to hold the binoculars against something solid to minimize The Shakiness.

  2. Indeed I have done this, we do have a small three and a half in reflector telescope, although a friend has it at present. Also the UK has rather cloudy weather so it is not always easy to view things. At least where we are has no light pollution and so when the sky is clear it is full of stars and sometimes a goat.

  3. The now defunct hospital in the town where I was born in South Dakota has been turned into an observatory. There is very little light pollution there as well, being far from most things light bulbish. There is a sign near the front door of this burned out shell of a building that says something like "Top Secret Research Facility". A section of the building was remodeled for the observatory with large sliding doors on the roof. I am not sure if I have a picture of it online in my blog, I know I put it on Facebook a long time ago.

    1. That sounds like my kind of building