Monday, 20 February 2012

The International Space Station, the Steam Powered Nano Spy Flybot and the Strange Alien Mushroom Creatures from Venus

I am late. I am sorry about that, trouble with the flybot spy nano technology on dads steam powered nano spy flybot. We have made it to watch the Strange Alien Mushroom Creatures from Venus. It is clear that something is going on. We have the so called International Space Station in the sky this week in the evening, just as the mushrooms are starting to appear on mass out of the compost of the mushroom box. And as both dad and the dog have said, that is too much of a coincidence.

Mum says she saw the International Space Station as predicted, but I was drumming with my drumming colleague at the time trying to communicate with the Strange Alien Mushroom Creatures from Venus that we think must be hiding in the wood. Probably beamed down somehow from their mother ship cunningly disguised as the innocent so called International Space Station. Mum says IDIOTS but it was interesting that my drumming colleague had to return home early because he was not feeling well …….. Yes I think that is rather strong proof that things are a foot (not as in a foot attached to a leg, but as in not as they should be).

Anyway the Steam Powered Nano Spy Flybot instead of spying on the aliens got aliens and cats confused and was following the cats (Heavy Harry and Sooty) assuming they were the aliens. So in order to tweak the programming as dad put it we had to catch it.

Its at times like that when you wish dad had not included a stealth mode or defensive laser weapons. But in the end we enticed it close enough to trap the little critter on some fly paper using a jar of home made march mallow jam that’s glows in the dark ………YUM. It is working correctly now (the flybot not the jam although that is fine too) and I have taken a photo of the  Steam Powered Nano Spy Flybot watching the Strange Alien Mushroom Creatures from Venus just in case any of you are thinking he’s off on one of his elaborate stories again with not a word of truth in it.  However you wont say that when you are being marched into a large space battle cruiser by a huge mushroom in a couple of year’s time

Yes its the creeping unknown .......Again


  1. I wonder when a diesel powered nano fly spy bot will hit the market. Buy the whey, um, aRen't all cats alien?

    1. I was just studying about steam loco motives last night ... coincidence?