Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wisdom learnt from the ways of dogs and 10,000 sausage rolls.

Yesterday we were given a big plastic box full of sausage rolls (YUMMY). They came from Iceland, not the country but the supermarket where they sell frozen stuff like sausage rolls. So me and the dog ate loads of them last night and for lunch today, but even me and the dog can only eat so many frozen sausage rolls so there were still loads of them.
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They are very cheap sausage rolls something like 10,000 for £3:50 or something like that, but we warmed up all the ones left and sprinkled some chilly sauce and mustard on them and sold them on the street at two for a pound. It is a funny thing with sausage rolls because the public always say O no we don’t eat things like that we are posh, but then when they see hot sausage rolls they all go YUMMY WE MUST HAVE ONE.  So we sold loads of them, mum and dad said it was very entrepreneurial of us and we should do something constructive with the money and reinvest it in a long term venture that will give us a decent return on our capital.

The dog said he knew exactly what to do so ran off with all the money. Mum said I should have checked exactly what the dogs plans were first before I handed the money over as the world is full of people (and dogs) who will tell you tales of easy fortunes only to loss all your money. But the dog is very clever so I knew the dog would be sensible and after a time he returned with a huge box and in the box was a huge pile of bones which the dog said would last for ages. AH

Mum and dad said it was one of life’s lessons and the sausage rolls did not cost anything in the first place and it could be a lot worse and I could have handed over all my savings. AH ……………….Mum said IDIOT again then. Luckily I have kept £3:50 so I can go and get 10,000 sausage rolls from Iceland and start all over again, the dog says he is too busy eating bones to help now.

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