Friday, 15 July 2011

The unleashed disappointment of holidays

It is always something of a shock the start of the summer holidays. It’s a long time before we go back and some of my friends have moments when their brains go blank and they just can’t think what to do. Henry was passing this morning with his mum, they had been to the shops and as they passed he said I’m bored now; but his mum hit him with the French loaf. Then she hit him again for breaking the French loaf.

The day started warm and sunny which is rather unusual for the long summer school holiday in the UK it normally rains right up to the day we go back to school.  By four in the afternoon though it had started raining. I asked dad if his weather machine might be able to help and stop the rain; but he said there were forces released as a result of the mass of the great British public all trying to go on holiday in a few short weeks. And so even a weather machine as developed and technologically advanced as his could not change the forces of disappointment unleashed over the next few weeks by the masses. I think dad is probably right the Royal Welsh Show is next week when thousands of people go to watch cows walking in the mud. And I know that lots of disappointment is unleashed then. Yet another example of the classic catch 22 situation we encounter on a regular basis. Then there are lots of local shows and carnivals which can be disappointing too so it’s hardly surprising really it rains in the summer. And it’s also the reason according to dad why the early spring is nice and sunny nothing much happens.

The dog and Rusty the Robot Dog are organizing their disguise for mums spy undercover operation even though mum has explained a giant dog and a six legged Robot Dog both wearing old rain coats, designer sun glasses and speaking in Latin is not a good disguise. Mum has told then they must stay at home but they are now spending the evening howling in protest. Rusty the Robot Dog is also standing on one leg while he howls. Something to do with twitter apparently and Mrs Benn and the River Thames which Mrs Benn says does not run through Scotland.  ……..

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