Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Truth serum, Shaving foam and peregrine falcons

I know we have not got to the bottom of mums spy story it is difficult to know exactly what is going on at times and because of the interactions between universes what happens can only be as a direct reaction to the real world. But what I have found out is that some mad scientist in South America has invented a slow acting truth serum which can be applied to the skin. Its main disadvantage is it comes in the form of spray foam and is best applied to the face quickly. So it is difficult to apply without arousing suspicion.  Interestingly enough the dog told me that MI6 own a shaving accessory business up north and he noticed they were selling items in the labyrinth down in the dungeon. He also thinks someone was adding something to suppress thinking in the fried breakfasts at the Holiday Inn, which might explain why me and the dogs found it difficult to think and come up with cunning plans of wit and guile.
 As you can see now we are back in the fresh air of Montgomery we are starting to regain our sense of rational logic and we can hear the Peregrines again (the birds not the band).

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