Thursday, 21 July 2011

The subnet mask, Julie Christie and a huge pit full of spikes

The ghost writer was well upset today he has spent the day in the grey office trying to fix the office IT network. He was well grumpy because he is off on holiday and was chilling in the sun (not sure where he found that). He said it was all the fault of the router (some sort of black box with flashing lights on which didn’t flash) and fixed and assigned IP addresses?

 stairway to on picture

 Just in case anyone is wondering who is in the picture on the left is Ian the Musical Hat Maker then Miss Jane (wife of Mr Charlie) then it’s the Ghost Writer then Auntie Karen with Mr Charlie just behind in his flying gear. Then on the right hand side are two of mums spy friends who are now deep undercover in the media world.

The dog is nodding and saying things like did you ping the server or what was the subnet mask setting. Me and Rusty the Robot Dog have decided to eat ice cream instead.  Anyway after our trip up north we are back in the chilled surroundings of Montgomery, well sort of chilled because Sooty the Cat is back from the cattery. Sooty is running about like a demented loony and meowing constantly. We have all told him to shut up and Heavy harry the Cat has accidently thumped him a couple of times while Sooty was running past him but all to no avail, he is still doing it. I think Sooty the Cat is pleased to be back in a real home again but it would be nice if he was not quite so pleased.

I went to say hello to Nelson Beelzebub in Nelson Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop today to let him know we were back home, but he said he knew we were back home and that I will forget to do my School project during the holidays. I don’t remember having to do a school project? While I was there someone called Julie Christie called in to say hello too, she is an actress in films and stuff but likes to hide in Montgomery from the flashing lights of show biz. The ghost writer says if his router had flashing lights he would not have wasted a day in the grey office shouting at computers.

Mr Beelzebub says Miss Julie has only got one or two loyalty points which is pretty good for show biz folk, but he puts it all down to messing about in Wellington boots in her garden in the hills of Mid-Wales. He said It is not easy to get points gardening unless you dig huge pits with spikes at the bottom and cover them in leaves…..AH.  It appears he has let me off so far because I am young and no one has fallen on the spikes yet, well Rusty the Robot Dog did but he is a Robot Dog and was fine once we removed the spike.

Mr Beelzebub says he thinks work will be like buses no one comes along for ages then suddenly he will have a queue full of newspaper men, media moguls and Middle-East dictators.

Anyway the day ended with the man from the corner shop high up on a cherry picker throwing ropes at the flag poles on the town hall clock I think he might have been doing a re-enactment of Back To The Future. It certainly looked like it to me but his partner who looked a bit worried said he was MAD, and mum said IDIOT

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