Friday, 8 July 2011

lanzarote and the rain machine

What a wet day we kept having flash floods on the roads so getting home on the bus took ages but at home dad had his weather machine out again. Me and mum have learnt to hide when he gets it out, although Pirate Pete says it is great as interesting things happen when it is switched on.  Dad said it would stop the rain but the dog fell about in hysterics and was rolling about on his back in the mud.

So we all watched dad and Pirate Pete start it up in the rain but nothing much happened except the rain got a bit heavier and the clouds a bit darker Pirate Pete was just starting to say it was turning into a bit of an anticlimax when there was a huge flash and a bang of thunder and Mr Jenkins screamed. It was quite understandable because the lightning struck his umbrella which vanished in a cloud of vapour, Mr Jenkins was not happy as he said it was his souvenir of lazaretto? No that’s not right I mean lanzarote. Pirate Pete said he has been in a lazaretto when he was on an old pirate ship and got covered in huge weeping blue spots.

After several large flashes and loads of thunder which created several fireballs in the street which in turn stampeded the sheep in the field near the house? Resulting in them running down the main street and into a local butchers shop. Dad turned the weather machine off, and things are now back to normal. Well sort of we still very heavy rain and flash flooding. The main difference now is that the flock of sheep are protesting in the high street outside the butchers shop and have complained that they have been commercialized under the false pretext of supplying wool for jumpers. And that when their mates suddenly vanished they had gone to retire in lanzarote and eat ice cream.

Mr Jenkins said he has never seen sheep in lanzarote just a lot of rather nice souvenir umbrellas but mum said IDIOT

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