Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Glastonbury, Brinsley Schwarz and a huge hole in the garden

Some rain today and some sun again. But summer is not really as it should be now; we appear to have had all the good hot summery weather during the winter. The problem with the weather when it is like this is that the days sort of pass and no one notices that much because the days all look the same. So after school me and the dogs decided to make a snowman to change the season a bit.

Well as you might expect there is not much snow about in Wales at present so we made the snowman with wet sand and sprayed it with white spray paint. It looked just like a snowman made with snow as apposed a snowman made with sand which would be a sandman. The sandman can be good or bad depending on which story you read. Me and the dog thought we liked the nasty one, so we gave our snowman a sinister smile, Which frightened the cats so Sooty shot up the big tree and Heavy Harry decided to eat food.  Apparently the nasty Sandman collected the eyes of children, and then took the eyes to his iron nest on the moon and fed then to hungry aardvarks or something like that.

As you can tell me and the Ghost Writer are having a crisis of writers block not the first time this has happened to us but in conjunction with the weather and a cat trying to lick my hand as I type means we may have to dig a huge hole in the garden and explore for things.

Ian the Musical Hat Maker is on his knee check up today to check he has a knee and if he has got a knee then they will give his other leg a knee too. Then he will have two knees. He should have been at Glastonbury this year because he played there in 1971 as part of Brinsley Schwarz but what with the knee and people doing things that left the band out in the cold a bit. Not for the first time in the history of the band as Mr Ian says bands in the old days were ripped off all the time and it took years to sort out the paperwork.

Look you have distracted me again, me and the ghost writer are digging a huge hole in the garden. Mum has just shouted at us remember the old saying “DON’T dig yourself into a hole you cant get out of” ….. ah. I can hear mum saying IDIOTS up above us now.
Mr Ian the Musical Hat Maker ........ Click on picture for another song

Auntie Karen says Ian the Musical Hat Maker is fine he has a paper bag on his head and is shouting directions in the car.

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