Saturday, 16 July 2011

the day of the Jackal and a curry

Getting ready for the big trip north tomorrow morning, mums big spy mission. The weather has gone down hill a bit and so it appears the dog and Rusty the Robot Dog can keep there raincoats on. Mum will be travelling as an ordinary woman in the street and dad said he might go as James Bond but mum said IDIOT.

Not sure what the big spy mission is but mum said she will not tell me or I will end up putting it in my diary and that would mess things up.  She has packed her executive briefcase with all the spy things in it and her specially made rifle that some bloke called the Jackal gave her a few years ago after he messed up on his last mission. Mum said he was one of those part time independents who tend to be over confident and are not aware of the weaknesses in their plans. Mum says the main weakness  she has is that some idiot keeps writing stuff in their diary.

Sooty the Cat is off to the cattery in morning and Pirate Pete and the Heavy Harry the Cat are staying at home to guard things and cause a distraction if required; after all the CIA, MI6 and pirates are rumoured to still be about.

I am very late with the diary tonight because mum had to meet friends from Australia plus Mr Charlie and Miss Jane so we have all been for a curry. It was a very good curry, I think it was all to do with the undercover mission. As from tomorrow morning I may not be able to communicate with anyone for a few days as we head into our adventure.  

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