Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pirate Ships and the Spy Glass Inn ......... HAR HAR HAR

We all went on a surprise visit to the Spy Glass Inn on the Island in the middle of the lake in the park today. When I say it was a surprise I think everyone else knew but I didn’t, NOT FAIR. The two pirate ships from the pantomime are still anchored in the bay and even some of the teachers have arrived today to sail as it is half term and they are all on holiday like me.

Me, mum, Pirate Pete, the dog, Rusty the Robot Dog, and Captain Flint the Parrot rowed out to our pirate ship the Armadillous and Mr V (Charlie) and some of the teachers went aboard The Blue Duck; The Black Swam as was but renamed after the pantomime in case of copy write infringements during the making of the block buster movie. Dad and most of the teachers and some of the scientists and spies that mum knows have spent the day in the Spy Glass Inn telling tales of swashbuckling in far yonder seas while drinking rum and Russian vodka. When the rest of us returned there was a lot of singing and dancing on tables going on. Dad was playing Smoke on the Water like they did at the pantomime, luckily this time everything was not on fire just dads amplifier. Vodka and hot thermionic valves are not a good combination although dads playing was really good until the inn keeper turned the fire hose on which finally shorted out dads classic stack of AC 30’s. But everyone cheered and went HAR HAR HAR HARDY  HAR HAR (I learnt HARDY HAR HAR from Captain Nessman) even dad and they all agreed that over the holiday we could have a pirate raid on a poor unsuspecting cruise ship and steal all their 1960’s classic AC30 amplifiers. Captain Flint the Parrot after a few rums and a pile of Brazil nuts started to go on about treasure maps much like he did last time we were  all here and that only lead to fighting and stuff so mum threw a coconut at him which not only shut him up but kept him amused for the rest of the night. Rusty (Stickinsect to some) the Robot Dog says he is not very keen on sea water because he is not water proof but he has been sprayed with WD40 so maybe he will be OK, at least it will keep the fleas away.

Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat are being looked after by Mr Jenkins he says he will be fine with all the noise from sooty because his own cat Fluffy is still singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips on his roof at night and has also started tap dancing to it. No one is sure why but mum says cats are a law unto themselves. Pirate Pete thinks it might be luring mice with delusions of a career in show business but mum said IDIOT not sure if she means the mouse of Pirate Pete     

My diary seems to have changed a bit lately and I think it has become more an observation of the world these days. So in years to come it will be read and analyzed by scholars who will use it to understand twenty first century living of the ordinary man in the street, although I think I should point out to them I am not in the street while I an writing (typing) otherwise my typing would be even worse than it is. While I’m at it I think I should also point out for legal reasons that any similarities between characters and events in my story and of those in the greater world are completely deliberate. I’m sure that can’t be right because mum has just said IDIOT.  


I would just like to thank my blog friends who ever you may be as I know you are out there even if I just have the two official followers but I think that’s how blogs work, sort of. I do like that little map thing it is very satisfying to see views from all over the world. I am sure deep down a lot of blogs are to do with personal ego and stuff like that (me included I suspect) although not all and some are sad and people use them for their own reasons to work things out in their own minds.
Anyway I am getting distracted as I do.

I have been adding comments each day from about the 15th Feb of this year and each month I have received a few more page reads. Statistically that is rather logical really because there are more pages but I would like to think you enjoy what you read and are intrigued and interested enough to keep returning. I do know I am not the greatest typist or speller in the world so sorry for that and my diary is very spontaneous and I sit and write and think all at the same time so although it as a diary of the days events sort of I can sometimes make little mistakes like who has how many legs or what strange creature accidently blow up in the park and so on. Please feel free to add feedback or ideas as long as no one swears or is rude or aggressive or nasty about other people then I am pleased to see comments. Regards to all I hope the world will one day be a happy place for all but then I am not sure that is possible outside of my own world sadly.  

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