Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday the 13th and the Voodoo lucky charm.

Friday 13th is meant to be very unlucky so I thought it might be best to take my lucky charm with me to school. I haven’t taken that with me anywhere for ages, not since the first page I think. At school the painters were painting all the windows so they had ladders all over the place and as we all know walking under them is bad luck too. So everyone was moving from class to class in a very convoluted and complex way.

Because I had my lucky charm with me I thought I may as well go the direct route between classes as it was much easier even if I did need to walk under loads of ladders. One of the painters asked me why I was not worried about walking under ladders so I showed him my lucky charm, it’s an African Voodoo lucky charm made out a shrunken head and the body of a snake. Well the painter screamed and fell of his ladder with a big tin of lime green paint in his hand; apparently he has never seen a mummified snake with a human head before so it was a bit of a surprise. His partner did try to catch him but got blinded when he was covered in paint so missed, and the first painter landed a bit head first.  The second painter wanted to know why the first painter had screamed so I showed him my lucky charm and they both screamed then and ran along the corridor. But they both tripped on another ladder which fell onto one or two of the pupils and one of the physics teachers and they got covered in lime green paint too. I went to help and told them they needed a lucky charm just like mine but they all screamed and ran off falling over ladders again when I showed them. It appears there were quite a lot of accidents in school today and we have a really interesting pattern of lime green foot prints on the floors now showing how a domino effect works. starting with just one set of foot prints and ending with at least a hundred by the school gates where they then disburse and go all over town; really interesting like the foot prints you get on the floors of dance schools. I was quite safe because I had my voodoo lucky charm but when I showed it to the headmaster he said IDIOT. I said that was not a good thing to say to a voodoo lucky charm just as one of the painters ladders slipped and landed on his foot the result of a big black jackdaw landing on the top of it. He was going to show me his lucky horseshoe but it slipped out of his hand and landed on his other foot.
The headmaster has said next time I am allowed to stay at home on Friday the thirteenth. WELL COOL it has turned into quite a lucky day.

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