Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Cat the Dogs and the Beltane Celebration of Fire & Faery

I was told today by a very good friend that there may be a possessed cat in town apparently it has scary eyes, I don’t think they are red like the dogs though. It is so scary some people have been locking themselves in houses and my friend said they have had to go and try and save them. My friend likes cats even possessed cats. Heavy Harry the Cat is not possessed he is just greedy and very grumpy and keeps sleeping on my desk.

Me and the dog thought while we were out collecting wood for the two fires we had to make today we would also search for possessed cats and although we did find a few cats none of them were possessed, well we don’t think so. In the old days they would have been thrown into the lake and if they swam they were witches so large rocks would be thrown at them until they drowned. And if they didn’t swim then they drowned and they were not witches. It’s funny what people used to believe. Once someone thought you; or the cat were witches it was best to run away unless you really were a witch in which case you would turn everyone into frogs. There are a lot of frogs in our little town so someone must have been a witch, maybe it was the possessed cat which is now scarring people. COOL

Anyway me and the dog had to go to nine different woods to get firewood for the two bonfires for this evening and the Beltane Celebration of Fire & Faery held on May day. We had to walk a long way to get all the wood from all nine woods, Mum said If I hadn’t had such a big bonfire yesterday then we could have used that wood but I hadn’t even thought about the Beltane Celebrations yesterday and it was only by luck I remembered today thanks to my friend who was out looking for possessed cats, mentioning it in passing, they never found the cat either.

We all have to leap over the bonfire which is great fun although the health and safety man from the council will not let anyone over the age of seventy do it now after poor old Mr Evans dropped his two Pekinese dogs a couple of years ago when he tripped on his run up and they were slightly over cooked. Although they did not die in vain and were a lovely post bonfire leaping snack, Mr Evans said it is what they would have wanted but mum said IDIOT but she is a vegetarian so it doesn’t count.  

I would just like to welcome a new friend on FB called Reno Divorce a really good band and friends of Captain Nessman legendary buccaneer and Pirate of the High Seas. Maybe when that very nice Mr Steven Spielberg makes the blockbuster movie of the book of the diary they can play the title track, which would be well good.

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