Sunday, 31 May 2020

The Coronavirus observational guide . . .

We continue to remain in a state of uncertainty here in the UK as the government slowly allow some easing of lockdown. It’s a tricky situation. Many schools are due to open tomorrow, however only with a limited number of pupils in order to maintain social distancing. There is still much disagreement about the right way forward as some want lockdown eased quickly while others feel everything is moving too fast.

To tell the truth we will only know if the easing of lockdown will work if we don’t get a second peak in deaths, so that is a risky strategy. But it is hard to say for sure what the right way forward is.

 In the USA a black man died while being arrested, the police officer had him pinned to the ground with his knee on his neck and maintained this until sometime after the man stopped moving. The result has been nationwide rioting for 4-5 nights. So not only did a black man unnecessarily die but the rioting will possibly lead to the spread of the coronavirus among a high risk group of US citizens. The number of people who have or had the virus in the US is already high . . . This is very sad.

I think across the world governments and individuals are starting to weigh up the risks of Covid-19 against the future risks of their financial situation. Of course this is another area where the well-off are in a much stronger position than the poor. Probably another underlying issue behind the US rioting where to many lives can look and feel very unequal.

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