Thursday, 21 May 2020

The Coronavirus observational guide . . .

We are still in what appears to be something of a twilight zone where folk are still undertaking social distancing here in the UK as best they can but they are also trying to find some sort of normality. Or at least trying to understand what the new normality is going to be. The government are allowing folk out now but they are still only allowed to meet one person outside their own household somewhere public such as a park.  The truth is though that more people are meeting up more than they will officially admit too.

There is also an ongoing discussion about whether it is safe to restart schools and if so how. It is an interesting question because what do you tell very young children that have not seen their friends in many weeks. To keep them isolated potentially runs the risk of mental health issues later. Going back to school though runs the risk of the virus spreading in the community. There is no obvious best solution.

Another thing that is now starting to become potentially an issue is the increasing talk of businesses making staff redundant. I think this is going to be a huge problem in the coming weeks and months. It might cause as many problems in time as the virus itself, but we will see I hope I am wrong about that.

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