Monday, 25 May 2020

The Coronavirus observational guide . . .

Now on the last post of my humble blog I said that Dominic Cummings the Prime Ministers chief adviser had become the main news here in Britain as a result of his trip to his parents’ house to self-isolate with his wife and small child. As I said it was understandable, but possibly bending the rules. Well there have been continued demands for him to be sacked again today. And as I said then he is not the sort of chap to fall on his sword. So far Boris Johnson is sticking with him, which is surprising really normally a PM would drop someone like a ton of bricks and folk would be happy they have their man. But that has not happened and so folk are angry some are very angry, even members of the Conservative party are angry.  Mr Cummings has always appeared to be an arrogant man to me and I suspect may others. Even folk within the Tory party think he has too much power. This is why some folk and a lot of the press have been rather passionate about trying to remove him. 

I think he should go now because he is meant to be an adviser working in the shadows not headline news, he is now a serious distraction from the things that are important in the continuing story and battle to control Covid-19.  

He did make one point however I agreed with that I saw on the news when he was trying to leave his London home. He said to the Press that they were not keeping to the 2 metres required by social distancing. And it was true they were hounding him and hustling each other for the best shots and to fire questions at him. Now its fine to be critical of him and what he did, but you are being hypercritical if you then ignore important parts of the rules to avoid the spread of Covid-19 such as social distancing yourself. Just because you work for the media does not make you exempt in the same way Dominic Cummings is not exempt which is why folk argue he should be sacked . . . . . Pot-Kettle is what came to mind as I watched it.

OOOoooooo it’s a small point or possibly not, but Boris Johnson still looks far from well to me. I do wonder if he would now be happier if he was not the Prime Minister. Sometimes our dreams do not work out as planned. 

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