Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Strange World of IKEA

I have been in IKEA today it is an interesting place and one I have written about before, but it never fails to let me down as a strange world that allows humans to get as close to feeling like an ant as it is possible to get without being an ant.

OOOOOoooo that was odd ……. I have just heard a noise that sounded like a large wheelie bin  running out of control down a long hill which is a bit odd. . . .  But back to the day in the Ants nest (sorry IKEA).

They do like to herd you round the system with its labyrinth of twisty paths and helpful arrows projected onto the floor and conveniently placed small items of delight. Yes the small items of delight are in fact the bread and butter of IkEA profits as folk just love a bargain or two or three . . . O what the hell stick loads of them in the trolley.

The thing is there are folk, OK not many of them that will insist on going against the flow in a sort of rebellious manner shouting I am a Man not a Number. And this made me wonder if in an ants nest there are rebellious ants who go the wrong way and refuse to do their job, possibly hanging about in the bar saying stuff like . . . I will just finish this drink and theN I’m off to collect more leaves . . . Phew I got loads this morning and aM exhausted.  The Barman (Ant) shaking his head and raising his eyes to heaven.  OK IKEA does not have a bar but they do serve those Swedish meat balls so it’s a bit like ant food sort of in an odd way that most folk can relate too.

So did I weaken an buy any of the small items of delight as I wandered the paths twisting and turning towards the hub of IKEAS heart known to the masses as the checkouts . . . . . . . AH yes I got a small pad to draw stuff for the blog which cost a pound, three small cactus and something else. As well as the last couple of bits required to assemble the last unit in the kitchen. So I was lucky really some folk leave with several hundred pounds of stuff they never planned to get and can’t even pronounce the name of it. . . . 


  1. OK there were loads of spelling mistakes in that but I think I have sorted it. . . I blame that strange noise, it was a distraction. And my fingers cant work unless my brain watches them closely

  2. IKEA, or EKEA as they now pronounce it, is a place of evil and temptation. I think they wrote about it in the Bible, you know, the bit in the temple where Jesus throws a hissy fit because someone took the last cutlery set that cost 99p.