Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Entering a mini dark ages and the Geo-magnetic Solar Storm

It has been very dark and grey again today in fact myself and the dog have come to the conclusion that we may be entering a mini dark ages and have decided to take precautions, firstly the dark ages were also called the middle ages so myself and the dog plan to avoid short middle aged people. This is easier for the dog as all he needs to do is smile at them or eat them, but as half the school staff are short and middle aged, and I think middle class avoiding them is very difficult.  I am also a little worried by the continued increase in low energy light bulbs because they do not actually light anything up and I feel they must also be contributing to the fact we appear to be entering a new dark ages.  The original dark ages came about due to the fall of the Roman Empire and as we all know the Italians are in a bit of bother with the Euro, and takeaway Pizza is not what it used to be in the good old days. Then there is the Geo-magnetic Solar Storm predicted to hit Earth in 2013 blacking out all sorts of stuff. The good thing about this is it will be WELL COOL for my diary. But the bad news is my diary will have to be written in a diary with pages made of paper with a quill.

I am trying to sort out the Big Orange room at present so that I cam record myself drumming but there are millions of cables and bits which means it is taking some time, not helped by the fact it is rather dark outside. The weather has also affected the sun dial which has now said it is midnight for three days too, and my quality of writing has gone right down hill, but apparently culture took a bit of a knock during the first dark ages so it is too be expected. Anyway I basically blame the Romans, after all what did the Romans ever do for us. . . . . . . . Yes Yes I have used that old joke before but that was a long time ago now and its dark. . . . . . Really really dark.



  1. Im with you on the lightbulb thing. I think they make the room darker. Flippin' rubbish. Good luck with all of them cables. We've been having power cuts in our house this week (Think it might be the fridge, or it could be me or the metal in Mrs H's ankle from her accident. Tally HO!

    1. We had lots of power cuts and we could not work out what the problem was, we unplugged almost everything in the house without finding the problem. But it only happened during the day and if we turned off the photo-voltaic system it was fine. Yet the photo-voltaic system worked OK if it was on with the rest of the house switched off. In the end we have had the photo-voltaic system put on its on RCD and everything is now OK (so far).

      As it happens the washing machine blow up the other day anyway, but it was not the problem. We are waiting for a new washing machine at present.