Saturday, 27 October 2012

A One Hundredth Birthday Party, the Sun and Huricaine Sandy

We have just returned from a one hundredth birthday party; now when I say one hundredth birthday party I of course refer to the age of the person whose party it is/was not that this is the one hundredth party we have been to. It was the party of Mrs Bunner who has been a sort of link figure in the little town of Montgomery for many years and for a long time the driving force behind the Bunners ironmongers shop which is celebrating 120 years of trading. There were loads of people there I think to tell the truth there were a few thousand too many people there but then in one hundred years you get to know a lot of people.

It has also been a very sunny day today which was a bit of a shock after all that grey it seemed very bright indeed but I think that is because we have not seen the sun for a few days I get the impression that it is due to vanish again tomorrow according to the man on the wireless so we had to make the most of it. When I say make the most of it, the dog Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat lay in the sun and snored and I was sent up an apple tree to clear branches from the power cables. These were not the 11000 volt cables but just standard 240 volt cables so there was never going to be a huge bang and a flash of light, something they were also trying avoid at the one hundredth birthday party, I am told it is bad form to set off fire crackers at the birthday parties of the old and rather frail. . . . . . . AH.

While on the subject of weather I believe that Hurricane Sandy is due to arrive on the east coast of America in the next couple of days and along with two other weather events of some sort heading the same way, is going to turn into some sort of Mega- storm. And it due to destroy all before it so if you read this and live on the east coast of America I would advice listening to the local weather forecast on the wireless, bearing in mind that most weather forecasts on the wireless can be rubbish. Dad has said he could turn his own weather machine on to help things but that might be a bad move and end in a huge bang and a flash of light the result of which I’m sure would be no more one hundredth birthday parties for a few years due to freak numbers of heart attacks on the same day by the old and frail.

Ooo yes one more thing this is Britain and we move our clocks back an hour tonight so that will confuse the rest of the world and me for a while. 



  1. I celebrated my grandfather's 100th birthday even though he wasn't alive by legaLLy changing my name.

    1. Does that mean that you are sort of 100 and something years old . . . . . that is kind of cool.