Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween, Zombies, the Headless Horseman, Quasimodo and the severed leg

After a quiet start to the day poking at some electrics with a screwdriver because it is something that needed to be prodded at, sort of, we went over the hill to Miss E’s home to help put up spiders webs. When I say spider’s webs they were large mutant alien spider’s webs, this was followed by a request to carve a pumpkin into a sort of person chewing the severed leg of an unknown person. They are unknown because all I had was the severed leg and to tell the truth there are very few people I can identify by just their leg, let’s face it, one leg gushing blood looks much like another.  OK that is not entirely true it is possible to separate them into right and left but that does not really pin things down a great deal identifying the owner of it.  

It has also been rather wet here today and I think the rain may have scuppered a few plans although the man eating squid suit which has suddenly become very popular on the east coast of the USA has looked like a wise choice here in the UK all day too.

We were not expecting much Halloween activity when we returned home what with the rain and the banshees circling overhead screaming, the Life Size Steam Powered Hydraulically Controlled Tyrannosaurus Rex hissing and growling on the drive at the vicar, it has him pinned into a corner of the garden. And the Headless Horseman stumbling about looking for his hat, I still am not sure why he is looking for his hat unless it is still attached to his head. Then of course there in Quasimodo getting tipsy on the Bells Whisky again and flesh eating zombies from class 32Z0B at school who are looking very scary after falling in the pond and getting covered in slim and things. We even had an Egyptian Mummy, but it turned out they had fallen out of an ambulance, and had spent the day desperately trying to get to the A and E department. The good news however was they had gained £27.50p, a huge pile of sweets, 8 toffee apples and 15 Sherbet Fountains as they stopped people to ask the way to the hospital who then mistook them for trick of treaters.

Anyway there we were all doing what we do on Halloween when two mysterious characters arrived from out of the dark and did the exploding trick, they didn’t even ask for a treat but we gave them one anyway because we are nice, sort of, a bit, maybe……….

Ooooo I forget to tell the Headless horseman I saw a severed head today at Miss E’s house, but I don’t think it was his because it was not wearing a hat……. Maybe it was related to the leg? 



  1. I detest Halloween in all its forms because, not only am I grumpy but the chocolate makers seem to use the same CHEAP chocolate mixture that gets rolled out at easter - it just doesn't taste the same does it? Horrible.
    I'm not sure about valentines day because I stay away from all that, but trick and/or treating is one of the reasons I moved out into the countryside because sheep and owls don't really get it... which is a good thing.

    1. I agree Mr H the two in the picture are the first to get a treat from us in years because there were very polite and quiet.

      We are also out in the wilds now, even mote than previously and I was told these are the first Halloween visitors the little hamlet has had in thirty years.

      As for the chocolate you are quite right chocolate is going down hill as the companies desperately add more and more land fill waste to it in order to keep costs down. . . . .

    2. Those two skel-ing-tons ARE worthy of a treat. Even though I hate all this halloween malarkey (love the word malarkey, doesn't get used anywhere near enough)but if people make a proper effort then fair-do's I say. They are the most threatening costumes I've seen for a good long while.

    3. Well said Mr H . . . . I agree about the word malarkey. I wonder what a malar is and why we need a key for it.