Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fog and Fairy Lights

It is rather late, 11.00pm so a bit late for me to be writing my diary but then it has to be done. You see it is easy to say Ooooooo no I will leave it after all it is only a diary, but that is what happens with diaries and a reason so many of them sort of fade away. So I am being disciplined and doing my bit, remaining disciplined is not really what I do either as I like to think of my self as a meandering mind skipping from thought to thought as they randomly come to into my head.

So OK today started as a beautiful sunny day but early on this morning we had a request to take someone from Monty to Shrewsbury as they were having transport problems. Now with it being a beautiful sunny day we thought OK a trip in the sun watching the world go by WELL COOL. But then only three to four miles from home we ran into thick fog. It was like that all the way to Shrewsbury and almost all the way home, then just two miles from home from the opposite direction we drove into warm sun again. How strange. So it appears our little house has spent the entire day in the sun surrounded by fog; we could even see it in the distance at one point but it never got to us.

This afternoon I was adding some fairy lights to the front of the house so we can find our keys to get in when it gets dark as it is starting to get dark very early, as I have said before. We prefer fairy lights to those spot light things because they look a million times better. Remember the old saying ‘Fairly lights are for life not just for Christmas’ although annoyingly the only time you can buy them tends to be Christmas.

The fairy lights even got there first true test tonight because we were off doing some things to help Miss Issy move into her new house so by the time we got home it was well dark. And we needed to be super efficient getting is as we had an Indian takeaway, so getting in and eating it were high priorities. It was a rather good takeaway too, helped all the more by an array of sparkly lights which always makes a difference.

Now if you start getting reports of some mad people who have covered their house in Christmas lights in October, no we have not, because they are just the outside lights so we can see stuff. There will be no inflatable glowing Santa’s or Iguana’s or Ducks either just tiny little LED lights that do not flash or spell out TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER like they do on Mr Jones house along with his huge lime green Flashing Alien. The Flashing Alien has rather upset his neighbours a bit in the last couple of years and so this year it will be wearing shorts.

OK that’s it; all a bit of a rush I don’t know what I have written (as normal) so I hope it makes some sense  . . . . . . . . . Goodnight all. 



  1. So, it was kinda like a fog donut?

    1. Indeed Mr ESB but being British I might call it a fog doughnut,

  2. I awoke to find myself in the middle of all that fog and can confirm it went all the way along the A5 past my gate, upto the the front door and even followed me to the paper shop where I had to wait for ages for the shop to open to get all the papers for MY shop..... flippin' shops.
    Anyway, that fog was thicker than a contestant (is that the right name for them) on the Jeremy Kyle show and no mistake! glad its gone now though, it was a bit scary!!!

    1. I do not like travelling in fog because I cant see a lot, I sometimes think it must just be me because everyone else is travelling so much faster so I assume they can see lots more (I hope).