Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Ah yes another old post from a previous A to Z and one of my favourite ones . . . Well what does that say about me I wonder, but lets face it we all must have a few letters from the A to Z's over the years that we like. Where we sit back and think well that worked OK how did that happen. . . PHEW . . .  And OK yes I admit it I may have tweaked the photo just a tiny weeny bit just to sort of add impact to what is an entirely plausible tale  . . . . O yes it is . . . 

Quite frankly I am amazed I have made it to the letter P this year as I said several times back at A B and C I am a busy chap doing stuff. I mean I am in the middle of building a very odd summerhouse with quirky bits and towers on which all being well I hope to enter into a little competition. OK it will not be this year I'm a bit late but by next year it should look awesome a bit like the PERPLEXED PINEAPPLE PAGODA of PERSIA. . . No its true. . .Anyway that brings us back to the Letter P so . . . . . . .

Oooooo yes this was back in the days when My blog was my diary (A slightly odd diary)

The Famous Architecture of 

It has been PERISHINGLY cold today with PERSISTENT PETULANT PIERCING rain PENETRATING the PORES of the POOR folk walking their PEKINESE in the PARK, it was PREDICTED so why they have to PUNISH themselves is rather PECULIAR, and the PEKINESE looked PERISHED and PUFFED out anyway.

In school today we were discussing the PRINCIPLES of Architecture and in PARTICULAR the Famous PERPLEXED PINEAPPLE PAGODA of PERSIA built by the PRINCE of PERSIA in the 15th century at the PEAK of his POWERS.  It is apparently known as the PERPLEXED PINEAPPLE because of the POLYMORPHIC PLEBEIAN PERPENDICULAR PITCHED PILLARED PIVOTING Staircase that PENETRATES the PINEAPPLE PAGODAS PRESTIGIOUS Crown. The dog incidentally says “POPPYCOCK and I could write what I know about Architecture on a PIECE of PAPER the size of a PEANUT in big letters”. All I can say is POOOOOO, the dog is just a POSY PROTAGONIST, what the dog fails to take into account is all the readers know less that I do about the Famous PERPLEXED PINEAPPLE PAGODA of PERSIA. And anyway If that very nice Steven Spielberg is going to make the block buster movie (sorry the sequel to the block buster movie) then a PRESTIGIOUS PANORAMIC location is a PRIORITY.

Interestingly the PERPLEXED PINEAPPLE PAGODA was built as a PIGEON Loft for the PRINCES PRIZED POISONOUS PERUVIAN PUFF PIGEONS who would PROMENADE importantly in the PINNACLES of its crown. Mr PLANT the Architecture lecturer said it was quite PLAUSIBLE that the PAGODA was built as a PLEASURE facility and………..

It was at this POINT that the lesson came to an abrupt halt when Esmeralda’s PYROTECHNICS’ PANICKED the PUPILS and they PUSHED out of the doors towards the PUB for a PORK PIE. It was all a bit chaotic until PETER the landlord of the PUB started PLAYING his bagpipes……. A sort of PIE PIPER…… Mmmmmm I have always wondered where the meat in his PIES came from???......... ……. ……. ……YUM

Ooooooo by the way Captain Flint the PARROT says “PIECES of Eight ……… POLLY needs a POO”

So much for the PRINCIPLES of good taste……. really 


  1. Replies
    1. That is very kind of you to say so, but it is just a little tale of lunacy from a mad old bloke (me) as I battle the road from A to Z.

  2. I love the picture of the palace. It is amazing!

    1. Ah yes if I was to say one of the buildings is in India and the other is in Scotland (The Dunmore Pineapple) and they sort of got mixed up a bit :)

  3. I'm puzzled. Where is the potato in this story? A good story always has to have either a pickle or a potato in it somewhere.

    Donna Smith
    Mainely Write

    1. Here in Britain we would turn a potato into a chip butty with plenty of butter using a nice crusty white loaf cut thickly . . . DAMN I fancy one now . . . O WELL never mind.