Monday, 3 April 2017

B is for Bears and a fairytale

Well here we are at B and as you will all remember back in 2013 I did the A to Z of fairy tales, which went down like a lead Balloon at the time. Something I am used too with my A to Z's. And for the Letter B I did a completely original fairytale based on three Bears. Yes it bears (pun intended. . .sort of) no similarity to any other fairy tale about bears whatsoever. 

I did this  a couple of days ago and spent a bit of the day hitting bits of computer with a pick axe. . . . . OOooooo they know who is the boss now and that is for sure. There will be no sneaking about making plans to take over behind my back again.

Anyway that is all by the by, what you want to read is my old post from 2013 and so you will....... 

The Slightly eccentric A to Z blogging adventure of unknown and rather unpopular Modern fairy tales


B  Bob and the three Biggish Brown Bears

BACK at the BEGINNING of time there were three BIGGISH BROWN BEARS, BABY BEAR (BERT), Mummy BEAR (BRENDA) and Daddy BEAR (BRIAN). One day their BREAKFAST was very hot, BURNINGLY hot. “BETTER BROWSE in the BUSHES for a BIT” said BRIAN the BIGGEST of the BIGGISH BROWN BEARS, and off they BOUNCED (well BABY BEAR BOUNCED). While they were BUSY, a BOY (BOB) BROKE into the house through the BACKDOOR and found the BEAR’S BREAKFAST which he BOLTED down even though it was still BOILING hot. Having BOLTED BREAKFAST BOB thought it BEST to BARRICADE himself in the BEDROOM. On their return BRIAN, BRENDA and BABY BEAR BERT found three empty BLUE BOWLS which should have been full of BORAGE (sorry Porridge). It was a BIT of a BOMBSHELL for the three BIGGISH BROWN BEARS and they thought BLOW me, drank BOTTLES of BLUEBERRY wine and went for a lie down. When they entered BABY BEAR BERT’S BEDROOMBOB was BOUNCING on BABY BEAR BERT’S BEDBUT BEARS are BROODY BEASTS and BRIAN the BIGGEST of the BIGGISH BROWN BEARS ate BOBBRINGING our rather BEAUTIFUL if BORING tale of the three BEARS to a BRILLIANT end. OK BOB is a BIT BASHED and BATTERED and full of BITES BUT he BROUGHT in on himself. 


  1. RIP Borridge eating bastard.
    Blog Hopping from A to Z!

    1. Now that is a good reply. This is what the A to Z should be like