Monday, 1 February 2016

Poetry for a Wild Windy Day

A mighty gusting wind has blown today
Swirling around taking the leaves
And many other things, including power lines away
Howling and whistling around the patio door
Clouds scurrying past as if heading to war
Trees shaking with anger
Branches lashing, at passers by
The trees waving demonically at the wild angry sky
A red tint as the sun gets mellow and low
The wind still growling in a way,
Only a bitter winter’s gale would know
But I stand defiant
And shout at the Weather Gods
Will never back down
Regardless of unbeatable odds
You see as a mad, grumpy and grizzly Scot
I never back down, no matter what
And with my fist held high
Against the Winter Storm
It laughs and sweeps me aside
As if I am a mere unseen Pawn
But my fist is still held high
As the storm rips at my clothes
My mind still undefeated
Something the Weather God surely knows
And although the Weather God
Will not acknowledge
My stand in its overwhelming strength
When we finally meet
It will no doubt tell me
Of my act of defiance in much detail
And at some

Considerable Length 

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