Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Trump v Sanders . . . A view on the state of World Politics

Every now and again I do a quick post on the prickly subject of politics. I say prickly because in general everyone thinks they are right and everyone else who thinks differently is wrong or an idiot, clearly I am the only one who is in fact right. Now today to put the cat among the pigeons so to speak where I am the cat and the good people of the United States of America are the pigeons (plainly only metaphorically speaking) I plan to discuss the Politics of the USA.  You see I woke up this morning here in the UK to the news that both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders had won their respective parties votes in the latest State.  This was not a surprise and there is a long way to go yet in the process but one thing that this latest result shows quite clearly is just how polarized peoples views are becoming. It is not just the USA; this is increasingly happening in Europe and even other parts of the world.  But the present situation where the USA could end up with a Trump v Sanders vote for President shows just how polarized and fractured people of the same nation can become.  It would be difficult to think of two politicians with such opposing views within American politics so why are they the two front runners. 

It seems one of the great universal issues globally is a mistrust in established career politicians by the public. And people are keen for change; they are fed up with the pre-election promises of many turning to dust once they are in power.  Both in the USA and Europe the great days of affluence and plenty are well behind us.  Well they are for the masses anyway as some folk still manage to amass huge personal fortunes. But the great battle between the haves and have not’s rages on, unfortunately most career politicians are seen as members of the haves and this is what has led to the rise in the support of Bernie Sanders in the USA and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain. However humans are also paranoid and the likes of Donald Trump and David Cameron give speeches that appeal to the darker side of human nature and our need to put ourselves and our families first when times are hard.  Which is why we are told of immigrants arriving on mass stealing jobs and destabilizing the economy as well as extremists hiding in their midst.            

I suspect as the pressure on Earth's resources increase, and the very visible differences between the rich and poor increase as well as increasing global economic pressures it is likely that the world will become a far more polarized place. I don’t think this is good, which tends to suggest that  Trump v Sanders may seem like democracy in progress, but is it a good sign for the future of the planet.     


  1. I think you may be correct about 4/3 of everything.

  2. The comparisons between Trump and Sanders and Corby and Cameron, are comparisons I've been thinking about.

    Democracy in progress may well see a shift towards a more caring, compassionate politician. Unlike the despicable Trump and Cameron.

    Take care, good sir.


    1. We appear to be becoming a world of extremes and growing fear of others as time passes. It is not a good world for so many at present and yet folk seem more reluctant to help.