Monday, 26 October 2015

Poetry for an Infinite Number of Monkeys, Halloween and Evolution. . . (A world first) ...

One day I found myself looking up
At an infinite number of Monkeys in a tree
And an infinite number of Monkeys
Stared indignantly . . . . . 
Just looking back down at me
They said they were not happy
And they shouted in my ear
That it was them that wrote
The collected works
Of that bloke we call Shakespeare
And they had planned to write
The concise pocket edition of Aristotle
And maybe Homer’s Odyssey
But they then decided to all go on Strike
Because they were still waiting
For their large Shakespearean fee
So confused I shouted
Trick or Treat, as it is nearly Halloween
But the Monkeys just sneered
And said as a relative
I was the worst they had ever Seen
And I tried to point out to them
That I was higher in the Evolutionary Process
Which was plainly clear to see?
But they very kindly pointed out
I was on the ground . . . looking up
And they were looking down
From up in the Tree

While in a pond near by
A single celled critter
Sung a Song
All about Halloween and Evolution
And how he thought
Both had gone



  1. Ooh, I like this one a lot Mr Z.

    1. Well that is very kind of you Miss Lily. I must admit I dont have a great deal of time to think about my little poems so they are a bit erratic in quality.

      One day I will run out of ideas

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed Mr H. It is the way of a average quiet middle class chap in the country, we are dark horses indeed. (not sure what that actually means other than I am not worth putting a bet on when I am in a race)