Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Poetry for Goats

Everyone knows in the world of nature there is nothing quite like the Goat

Which can climb trees; dig holes talk to mice and can also sail a small Boat

And when it nests in the woods, which it does in early spring

Will build a stockade with high stone walls and a stage on which it will Sing

And they are often seen out at night dancing and playing a mean air guitar

Robbing banks and laughing at folk as they speed off in their getaway Car

O yes Goats are cunning and although I’m a bit of a fan

I will never get close as they can swallow a man

And most of them seem to be called Nanny or Billy

Which I have always thought was a bit silly

I mean a Nanny with a Beard

Is a little strange if not Weird

Which might be why folk say that they all end up in Hell

But quite frankly I think the reason for that

Is purely because of

Their Smell

Guess what. . . Remember what happened last night when I said I did not have any time to write and that I had to do it fast. . . . Well it has happened again tonight so for reasons only know to a strange Red Indian Spirit Guide with a warped sense of humour who has insisted that we write about Goats. This is a Poem about Goats, I am told that it should be a poem about buffalo, but have you ever tried to draw a buffalo when you are in a rush . . . . I bet not, and if you have then I for one want to know why, are you mad.

Anyway that is it, again I really dont know why this blog is full of poetry at present (OK OK its rubbish poetry but that is hardly the point).

Good night all . . . . . . . . AGAIN . . . 


  1. Today's Discovery During Dinner:
    Salad and Peles are very similar by rotating 180 degrees

    1. I did need to think about that for a few seconds as I pondered what sort of strange food a Peles was. But luckily Google has come to the rescue and now I can understand, as Peles Castle I suspect has no Salad in it and the kitchen staff has turned the place upside down (as in the old saying) to find some . . . . .


    2. It was much simpler in mY mind, as I was thinking of Brazilian soccer great Pele and his salad.

    3. AH this is what is wrong with my mind it does not always take the easy route to a solution.

  2. I'm pretty sure I've got an outfit like the one the goat is wearing.

    1. The skill is in the way you wear it Miss Lily. I have always thought high heels do not do women any favours. And with a proper pair of skip about sparkly footwear folk can wear almost anything and look good.

    2. I think high heels can result in hammer toes. As a wearer of Vibram FiveFinger toe shoes, I doubt that I will ever get a hammertoe.

    3. But do you have the outfit to show your Vibram FiveFinger toe shoes off to there best Mr ESB, a few sequins can make all the difference.

    4. Hahahahaha - me, sequins! That is

    5. It worked for Elvis. . . . .sort of.