Sunday, 4 October 2015

Poetry for a Dog, A Vicar and a Lady in Naughty Clothing

Sorry I am away at present . . .  And so it is not easy to write stuff, but in order to keep the masses happy I have written some poetry about stuff and with the aid of a rather old and creaky laptop and a rather long CAT5 cable I have sneaked into the internet next to some large trees and a singing freezer. I dont know why a freezer would sing but it is and its a bit odd.

A man and a Dog

Sat by a Big Pond

The man threw a Stick

But the dog did not Respond

The man then sighed as he pondered and sat

And said to the dog I thought you were going to chase that

But the dog looked indignant as it turned looking at the mans hat

And said rather profoundly  . . .I have told you before I am not a dog I'm a cat

A lady in naughty clothing
With a large flash light
Met the vicar as regular as clockwork
Every other Thursday night
But the vicars wife suspicious
Followed him with cunning and with guile
And when she burst in on the pair of them
Found her husband dressed as a crocodile
Worried that his wife, he was going to lose
Bought his wife a brand new pair of
Patent Alligator Shoes
Summing up weeks later the judge he then said
He understood why she killed her husband very very dead
Battering him to death with the patent Alligator Shoes
And although the judge then freed her 
Her picture was put on the front page of the local Parish News 


  1. Happy Poetry Day

    It is wonderfully okay
    For you to live in the UK
    Where they have a special day
    When words come out to play

    1. Well written Mr ESB. . . . . I am away at present near a place called Saundersfoot in South Wales. So the Blog is a bit on hold until next week. I am also trying to make a wedding present that will be heading towards the USA once it is complete which means it has to be hardy enough to travel a long way. My art is not generally hardy so it is an interesting challenge, there will be pictures on the blog of my humble effort soon.

      And a Happy Poetry Day to yourself . . . . . . Poetry is mans Bird Song but with fewer feathers

    2. Which part of the USA? I recently sent a shirt to London from Texas and the shipping cost was $16.

    3. It will be going to Stillwater Oklahoma I think. I just need to do a few more bits to finish it.

    4. My mother and three siblings live just north of Stillwater in or near Ponca City.

    5. Oh, I forgot, another sibling lives just south of Stillwater.

    6. It is a small (ish) world Mr ESB . . . . which makes it all the more silly that folk fight each other. I need to tell all these world leaders that they really need to be a bit more visionary about their day to day activities as leaders.