Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Message from South Wales . . . . And other stuff

I know what you are all thinking . . . . . where has he gone. what is he doing, do any of us care

Well I will be back next week and will get back into the swing of things as fast as possible, although I do have to run away on Wednesday so even next week is not entirely chilled.

So far this week I have seen some goldfish, listened to a singing fridge freezer which is now ticking. . . . . I dont know what that is about but it is a bit odd. I have looked at some plants, eaten food including a huge plate of fish and chips which was huge but good, but was huge. And found and then lost a very interesting shell on a beach. 

I am also very busy making a very late wedding present that needs to be sent to the USA only it is a rather fragile paper sculpture picture type thing so I need to use cunning to make sure it can travel that far without damage or falling apart. . . . I Have A Plan.

So all in all the Blog and cyberspace are suffering or some might say improving, but I will return soon very very soon. I should write a poem for Poetry Day only it is late now and I will leave this until I have more time. I am even pondering entering a poetry competition where I will be a bit rebellious and do a sneaky with the theme as I have thought of a clever way to turn the subject matter of Flowers into Zombies . . . . Yes I will come last but its not the winning its all about being ones self and saying . . . . . .  This is me so YA SUCKS BOO . . . .but in a nice poetic way. Mind you I do have to pay to enter so I will write a damn good Zombie Poem.

OK I am off now to draw and sleep and tomorrow will be in the sun on the beach of Saundersfoot . . . . . I will be the one shouting LOOK OUT ITS A ZOMBIE SEAGULL . . . . . 



  1. Replies
    1. Mr H I have arrived back and all is well after a very chilled and relaxing week

    2. I like the spelling "RzT".

  2. I go away, come back and then everyone else goes away. Is it something I've said?

    1. Indeed not Miss Lily it is always good to see you back in the world of cyberspace. A lot of folk have gone quiet at present, I think blogging has lost is Mojo and is no longer seen as a way to be discovered or make money. So those of us who like to write a bit are now a doomed breed as we battle on through the cold dark voids towards oblivion. . . . Well that has cheered us all up.

    2. I am thinking of changing my standardized answer to that type of question when I don't want to think about it much to "It might be, Yes, you are correct!"

  3. Did you go to the dinosaur park?