Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Night of the Moth or its the taking part not the winning that matters.

Last night (I think) was the last night of Moth Night, Moth Night you see is in fact a three night event due to the inability of moths to understand the concept of Moth Night.  Turning up two days later confused and complaining about street lights looking like the moon and saying back in the old days a moth could fly all the way to Hartlepool and never ever see a tilly lamp.  

Anyway I must admit I sort of gave up a bit last night because quite frankly I cant tell one moth from another, but I do know there are loads of them from big critters that swoop down and steal sheep in the dark to feast on later, to little Micro Moths that can hide inside a pin head.  And they all have odd names so if you don’t actually know the name of a single moth then it is all rather pointless pointing and saying OOOooo look a moth, and there is another sort of brown marbled moth and another brown moth and oooo look another brown sort of moth. Hang on I’m sure a moth just swooped down and stole a sheep from the field next door. . . . .

I also discovered that there was a little competition going on for who saw the rarest moth, well it was not going to be me I cant tell a common everyday (night) one from a rare one so all I knew is I saw a lot of moths. I had rigged up a cunning lure using the Fly Zap so that they would be attracted to it but not zapped. . . . OK I admit one did get zapped by accident, silly thing.  When I last looked at the web site the rarest moth was something I had never heard of something like a Patagonian dwarf leaping moth which is only seen once every twenty five years. Now I know everyone is generally honest and can be trusted (which is why the masses voted for the nice Mr Corbyn on mass, folk trust him he does what he says) but in certain situations folk might just lie a little bit in order to win. In the same way athletes are not really cheating they are just assisting their inner winning abilities to win with some fancy drug. . . but it is not cheating (honest).  So I did wonder if maybe someone might just be tempted to say Guess which moth I saw it was a Patagonian dwarf leaping moth. . . . Would folk do that surely not. . . . . I am not looking at moths tonight so they can do what ever they do knowing some idiot with a camera is not going to chase them about trying to take a photo in the dark. . . . . . Now what kind of fool would do something like that only to find out that the nice brown-ish moth is in fact the commonest moth in Britain and there are 348 million of them just in Shropshire?    


  1. A few years ago, we saw a black moth that was so huge, you could actually hear it's wings flapping! I screamed like a man who couldn't find the remote control and my friends ran like they were being chased by apocalyptic Zombies.

    In the end, it flew away like a vampire bat, but not before swooping down and stealing a sheep from a nearby field...okay, that last bit may have been a lie.

    1. Well I do like moths even if I cant tell one from another, you were very lucky to see a huge one like that. And I realize that last bit was not true because you live in London. . . Now had you said it swooped down and flew off with one of those urban foxes, I could believe that.