Friday, 25 September 2015

Poetry for Sea Monsters

There is a beast deep in the sea
That they say looks a bit like me
With its long tentacles with suckery things
Which it can coil up like coiled springs
And it has a strange and scaly head
But has no face or so it has been often said
And its fins are fine and look like lace
And can completely vanish without a trace
And in the gloomy dark it will start to glow
With an iridescent and green fluorescent luminous light show.
Long talons and rows of sharp pointy teeth
Will catch its food on its favourite reef
It has big black eyes that number twenty five
So once it spots you then you will not survive
And it will often howl and let out eerie moans
And in times of famine can live entirely on small rocks and stones
Strangely though it looks rather regal
With it majestic horns and beak like that of an eagle
And it lays eggs on the shore buried in the sand
Which it makes quickly with a hideously deformed hand
And its body is blue
And it can swallow a whale
But it is just possible
This poem
Is a slightly exaggerated tale
Which is something seafaring folk tend to do
And fishermen
And Astronauts
And others 

like Poets too 


  1. Okay, in trying to envisage the creature from your descriptions, may have driven me slightly insane. I hope that you're proud of yourself My Z! Ooh look, a talking banana!

    1. I hate bananas Miss Lily. . . . OK I may have exaggerated, but sometimes poetry demands it.