Friday, 11 September 2015

How fast are we all going. . . . The Big Question

Have you ever wondered about how fast you are moving, well its time to think about this because it is important? Because it does not matter how slowly you try to travel it turns out you are travelling much faster than you ever thought. The average person walks about at about 3 miles an hour going backwards and forwards and eating stuff during pauses, it does not sound impressive. But of course the Earth rotates, so someone at the equator is rotating with the Earth at about a speed of 1000 MPH which is impressive although you need to remember you are only travelling 3 MPH faster than a slug and you might even be travelling slower that a slug if you are walking against the ration, so heading west I think. Of course you could be sneaky and stand on one of the poles (the Earth's poles not a long stick) and then you will just be slowly spinning on the spot.

Well that would be fine except the Earth rotates round the Sun which is why we have years so even sat on the North Pole you are still moving through space while rotating slowly so now we are all moving at 66,500 MPH. I mean that is fast but remember that slug is still sat next to you looking smug (A Smug Slug); all this speed it relative to everything else.

So far it has been easy even the slug is fairly chilled about this, although slightly concerned about how fast he/she is going but it is going to get much faster, you see the Sun is in one of the arms of the Milky way our own galaxy (no not the chocolate) and that is also moving as well as rotating and it appears that the result of all this is we are moving in relationship to the Cosmic Background at a speed of 1.2 million MPH.  Now that is fast, very fast and what it means that ever hour of every day we move 1.2 million miles in the universe so if you go out for the day, say shopping and arrive home 10 hours later your home has moved position in universe by at least 12 million miles. Now that is a long way.

And to make things even worse it might just be that the Cosmic Background Radiation that is used as the reference to tell how fast we are travelling could be part of a moving universe. And bearing in mind each step involves a huge leap in speed then we could be travelling seriously fast indeed within some sort of unknown dimensional thing. I say some sort of unknown dimensional thing because I reckon my guess is as good as that Professor Brian Cox chap, and yes he smiles a lot, but he is a clever bastard and that’s for sure (OOooo sorry about the word I had that Ian Dury song in my head)

What this does mean though is that you are never in the same part of the universe twice and nor is the slug even if you think you are because all the other stuff is moving too. You need to think of the universe like a huge motorway that we are hurtling along as fast as we can in the fastest car you can get, blindfolded and with no brakes. This is fine until say a goat or something similar (maybe an Armadillo) wanders out in front of us (you), when it suddenly all goes wrong and that is the End of Everything. It is also the point when you realise just how fast you are going as bits fly about in random chaos.

 Talking of the end of Everything . . . .  I have mentioned that the 21st September is the End of the World, and now you know why . . . . . . . Damn those Cosmic Armadillos. 


  1. I watched a good program the other week where some sciency bod had calculated the exact SHAPE of the universe.
    Turns out it is very very flat and straight and not curved like lots of other (not so clever) sciency bods thought.
    You calculations do raise the question; Are we travelling in the right direction?

    How silly will we all look when we finally get to where we are going only to find out we should have taken that left turning 300 million light years ago?

    1. I thought it (the Universe) might be like an old reel to reel tape machine Where the present is the heads for play and record and one reel the future and one the past. that would explain why we are moving so fast but not going anywhere. But it would also open up the option of time travel. As for going the wrong way, well that is the one thing that would not surprise me in the slightest and might explain a lot.. . . . . Bloody Sat-Nav .

  2. lost me at "have you ever wondered..."

    1. Miss Lily I am sure that Master Meglos will be rather pleased to know that he is travelling through the Universe at 1.2 million MPH.

      I do agree that wondering about stuff is sometimes a risky game as many a cat finds out when they jump into boxes.