Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Quest for Glory in a Very Quiet Library

The world of blogging at least for me and gone remarkably quiet, as quiet as the quietest thing in the quietest room of a very quiet library with a lot of signs in it saying Please Be Quiet. It is to put it bluntly very quiet indeed. So what has brought about this lack of activity in the areas of cyberspace that constitute my blog what has changed recently that might have caused this disturbing event. An event that has made me question the very essence of what is all this blogging all about.

Well the Conservatives recently won an overall majority in the General Election and they do know that I am a bit of a lefty. Well when I say they know the local MP thinks I voted conservative; well its not my fault that one of his workers jumped to the conclusion I was going to vote Tory, I never said who I was voting for. But maybe they found out and are now reaping revenge for misleading them which is rather unfair as I did not, I just did not correct the error of the person I spoke too.

FIFA has also recently hit the headlines with stories of bribes and unethical practice leading to some folk becoming rather wealthy on the back of who gets to host the World Cup.  Well they are aware that it was I that exposed the use of Androids in the last World Cup and the whole affair was staged so that the Knights Templar could squirrel away the cup, or as they like to call it the Holy Grail.

Well revealing news like that can make you enemies and FIFA may be blaming me for shining the spotlight on them which has brought about their downfall. And there are folk that owe them big time so they are out to get me.

Add to all this the fact that bloggers are falling by the wayside like flies. . . . . I have never seen a fly fall by the wayside but they do tend to die on the window sills of our windows from time to time. I do try and save the little critters but they don’t understand windows (no not Microsoft Windows but glass windows) . . . . . . (actually they are rubbish at Microsoft windows too).

What I will say about all this blogging into the oblivion of cyberspace and the empty and very quiet library of fate is that I am a hardy beast and will continue my quest towards blogging glory with my head held high and my pointy stick pointy at the road ahead. Onward and upward taking everything in my stride. . . . . . Well until tomorrow when I may reconsider and write more gibberish due to stress.  


  1. Hi Rob,

    You might realise that the Conservative government is now monitoring blogs. This means, if I say anything derogaTORY about Cameron and his gang of thugs, my blog will be shut down and I will be jailed.

    Coincidentally, I was actually part of a blogging "library." A gathering of bloggers at a media action office in Stoke on Trent. Tell nobody and shhhhh....

    Rob, I appreciate your gibberish. Puts my gibberish into perspective.

    As you were and relax, good sir.


    1. Your blog has many followers Mr G it will not be shut down (unlike the Libraries which due to funding will vanish slowly). And I am glad my gibberish is putting your own gibberish into perspective (hang on you dont write gibberish).

      I will not mention Stoke on Trent (AH DAMN I did), but we must fight the fight. The common man may not have a voice but he can have a blog. . .

      OK I have a confusing blog and am a bit of a lefty middle class chap who does not like football and only swears during DIY (well we all do). . . . . But I do like the pies and being a rebellious in a slightly nice way that folk dont understand. . . .

    2. Come the revolution. . . AH hang on that's were folk have gone. I have missed the revolution . . . . DAMN

  2. As tends to happen when a particular challenge known for utilizing the letters of the alphabet, finishes, folk tend to vanish from the blogging world, seeking therapeutic cures and lamenting the damage done to the cranium by all that literary writing. Sadly, this is the death knell for some who once gone, never return.

    1. I know it is very strange, but true. The A to Z is an odd affair and does seem to eat rather a lot of blogs. I think some folks expectations are just a bit too great particularly if you are new to it and expect hundreds of visitors. I think this year I could count the comments from new visitors on the hand of one foot.

      Blogging is not entirely without some work so you either need to have a good reason to do it (I dont), be extremely motivated (I'm not) or mad (AH I wondered why I keep at it).

  3. What is a library? It seems I once knew.

  4. Wait... Y'mean nobody has seen my recent daily blog posts about the ultimate realisations of truth and how gain immortality and ultimate wealth using nothing more than a custard cream balanced on top of a tin of spam?
    I knew I shouldn't have used that new "invisible ink" don't.
    Something must be done about v this. I shall not let it stand!

    Consider this comment my renewed commitment to blogging.... Stay tuned for more info!