Thursday, 9 October 2014

Are you going to meet an Alien. . . The Big Question Answered.

It is time to tackle one of those big questions which I now do as part of my life as a Professional Blogger. It a grand life being a Professional Blogger now that the money is starting to roll in, it’s a bit of a surprise and beats working for a living. I did not realise my fellow bloggers were on to such a good thing. . . . . .

Anyway I had a thought the other day; I have yet to meet an Alien as in a real one. Yes I know Mr Jones has met loads but I think he tends to think anything that moves in the woods at night is an Alien particularly if it’s tall silver and has flashing lights and a death ray.  But the reality is most rational folk don’t see Aliens, and one needs to ask the big question WHY?

The first question we need to ask is are there Aliens out there in the vast voids of space that are intelligent enough to make spacecraft and therefore give us a fighting chance of bumping into one another. Well Yes there are loads of them, however there are other issues involved that make what should be a reasonable thing to happen, actually happen. Two great civilizations from different planets meeting shaking hands, legs or tentacles and then attempting to kill one another (its what intelligent life sort of does).  

So why has it not happened and the incredibly boring answer is pure and simply down to maths, physics and distance.  The Universe is big very very big. We as in planet Earth are out on the outskirts of it in a rather boring bit of the Milky Way which in itself is not that exciting. The Milky Way being just another Galaxy among millions of the things. If each Galaxy contained just one super intelligent lifeform there would be millions and yet the chances of meeting are as good as Zero.

There is yet another issue time (you know what I said about time) well the Universe is said to be 13.8 plus billion years old so far and let’s say has at least another 1000 billion years to go before you know what happens. . . . . . YICKS.  So the odds of two intelligent lifeforms turning up at the same time on different planets close enough for them to meet are so remote that we can say it amounts to Zero. So we now have Zero times Zero chance of meeting an Alien.

And its gets worse because the distances involved mean that even travelling at the speed of light it would take longer that any sort of Alien is likely to live. This is not helped by the fact that a spacecraft could not travel at the speed of light or even remotely close because space is full of dust and stuff. And at those sorts of speed one tiny grain of dust would destroy the spacecraft.  So the chances of an Alien lifeform making a suitable spacecraft are almost Zero. . . So Zero times Zero times Zero . . . .  In other words Mr Jones’s Tall Silvery creature with wings, flashing lights and a death ray is not an Alien but something else.  

Ooooo I worked out how the Earth will be destroyed the other day. That is I thought of the idea the other day not that Earth was destroyed the other day.          


  1. I am reminded of Carl Sagans book COSMOS which I stole off my dad years ago. It mentioned the Drake paradox, which is how sciency bods work out the odds of alien populations...
    It's one of those silly math equations where the numbers are actually letters and if you turn your answer upside down it spells "80085" or similar.

    I think there are tons of weird and wonderful aliens life forms out there in all shapes and sizes that our minds can not comprehend, but they don't want to visit us because, as you said, we are out on the edge and - as we all know, the cool places are always in the centre of town!

    1. Then again.... what if we are alone in the universe?
      Somebody has to be the first species to look up and wonder at the stars. Why not us?
      If the universe is only 13.8billion and could exist for 1000 billion then it's only 1.3% of its total age.
      That's hardly enough time for the opening credits on a film to finish, let alone introduce the hero!
      Maybe WE are the first ones and one day will venture out in the stars and evolve to be smaller with grey skin and big black eyes. Then we will invent time travel and send kids back here to do history lessons in the woods and they will all have to a report called "What I did on my holidays to Mr Jones in the Woods"

    2. I dont think we are the first Mr H I think we are one of the first but we are sort of in a small village in a rather dull part of the universe with no decent roads to it and signs that say Beware Sheep on Road.

      Mr Jones is a happy man he hopes those space kids turn up soon although he does always hunt aliens naked so I'm not sure the parents of the space kids will approve of contact.

  2. Replies
    1. AH well Miss Lily as a Professional Blogger I need to be diplomatic and give a more political sort of answer. So NO is sort of right unless of course the YES school of thought is also right giving a really positive MAYBE.

      As Maggie Thatcher once said. . .

      Aliens are all Left wing trouble makers and we will not have their spacecraft in our streets filling them with young Conservatives, turning them all red in front of our eyes. . . YUCK. . .

  3. I have met several illegsl aliens from Mexico. I am not sure if I have met any from Canada. I think the alien in the movie Starman came across Canada and crashed in the northern United States. I think it was Zkurt Russell. Sorry, solar flare, Kurt Russell.

    1. I think the illegal Aliens from Mexico have quite a task to cross the border, it is a tough life being an Alien or should I say Alien being.

  4. Being in an alien being (eaten) is the toughest non-choice. I recall from Men In Black the movie there was a tiny alien in control of a larger bodied alien shell.

    1. I have not seen Men in Black. . . . . in fact I have not seem most things really