Saturday, 13 September 2014

Scottish Independence . . . NO Campaign Latest Shock News.

There are certain things that need to be acknowledged as we head rapidly towards the great YES  NO vote that will, we are told change the world (OK Great Britain) forever.  Well what sort of thing (or WHO) changes the world, because quite frankly as humans changing it to much is not a good move at all.  So we need to ask ourselves in whose best interest would these changes be, obviously not humans so by a process of elimination we must be talking Aliens.

And because these changes are associated directly with the YES NO Vote we have to assume that the entire process has been instigated by the very same Aliens, but what is their cunning plan. And exactly which side are they on, are they supporting the YES or NO campaign.  Well I think I can answer that question quite easily, it is clear that the Aliens are supporting the NO campaign because of three key observations.  The first of these is historical ask yourself where do people see Aliens and Alien spacecraft in Britain, Almost always in the South of England. Yes OK the odd one turns up in Wales and the North of England but they are like Hens Teeth in Scotland.  Secondly look at the political leaders supporting the NO campaign Mr Miliband, Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron, are they Alien Androids and all the same model at that working to instigate the Aliens cunning plan; I bet they are.  Thirdly consider all the big corporate businesses throwing their weight behind the NO campaign. The organisations are reclusive secret bodies that tell us little, an ideal place for the massed hordes of Aliens to do their deeds changing our world so they can remove all the humans or enslave us

Now I can hear some of you say that is madness but consider this, if Scotland becoming independent is really so bad then why would the powers that be who are now telling us this, allow the vote in the first place.  It makes no sense whatsoever unless behind the whole thing is a grand master plan of evil cunning and quite frankly in this particular case the only ones who will gain must be an as yet undiscovered race of Aliens from the far reaches of space.

I suspect they have noticed that the Scots are a feisty belligerent bunch who have a strange language, seem to survive on foods that would kill most humans in a few days and will fight any Alien that they see once nightfall arrives. Waving those pointy Sticks at the powers that be and shouting ARE YOU LOOKIN AT ME PAL. . .

So I believe this is an entire exorcise sorry exercise in destroying the Scottish spirit forever, so that the Aliens can move North and eventually conquer the entire world.  All that stands between us (the human race) and becoming the puppets of Aliens is a YES Vote. . .

I think you know what to do. . . . . .



  1. That is without doubt THE best argument for a Yes Vote :)

    1. Well it least it is the most logical argument so far for either YES or NO

  2. I am afraid that in confusion enough people might look at the YES NO vote and pick SNO, then resources wiLL be put in place to start a new Ice Age that covers Scotland with 400 feet of SNO an DICE, meaning igloos as gambling casiNOS. Then doctors who are specialists in NOSe surgery will all move to Scotland after the SNO an DICE to handle all the facial frostbite cases. Then the rest of the world will suffer from ugly NOSes, as the rest of the planet gets hotter as Scotland gets colder.

    1. What many people dont realise is that the continental shelf that Britain sits on is slowly tilting. So each year the South of England goes down something like an inch and the North of Scotland goes up about an inch. Much of England is also susceptible to coastal erosion, not helped by global warming or the fact England is slowly going downwards. It is therefore just a matter of time before Scotland is big and England is tiny, and because Scotland is getting higher all the time it will eventually be high enough to be totally covered in snow all year. Even now you can always find a small pocket of snow somewhere most days of the year although not 400 feet deep just 400 feet long.

      As for Ugly NOSes it is possible but just at present nobody KNOWS . . . . HAH AH hahah ah ah ah ah ah ahha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ahahah hah haha ha ha haah ah ha ha

    2. Hahahahhahhahahahahaha nose hahahah knows hahahahaha no is hahahahahahah

      That is cool that Scotland is getting higher. That musst be the reason they are called the Highlands of Scotlands. They should change the name to the Higherlands of Scotland. Hahahahahhahhhahahahaaahahaha