Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Great Mechanical Zombie Bird . . . .The poetry of Rob Z Tobor

The Great Mechanical Zombie Bird
Has never been seen
And has never been heard
With its pointy talons
And its scary beak
It is a beast of which folk do not speak
Yet in the shadows in the dark
It’s waiting lurking
Like a shark
And as you drift off into sleep
Out of the shadows it will creep
And bite your head off in one go
Just to ensure that you do know
That the Great Mechanical Zombie Bird
Although it has never been seen
And never been heard
Is very real
Although quite absurd.
Because it’s the Great Mechanical Zombie Bird.

Whose a Pretty Parot-dox  


  1. Parot-dox! Lovely, only I was surprised. I was eXpecting just a Mechanical Zombie Bird, not a Great Mechanical Zombie Bird. I am now overwhelmed and overelmed. (That just means I have too many elm trees. Yes, I reaLLy do.)

    I was just talking to my mother and she got a letter from an old friend in Canada. Her husband was a great story teller and we loved to listen to his tales of being attacked by bears when we were kids.

  2. The great mechanical zombie bird reminds me a lot of songbird from Bioshock Infinite. Google it. I think you'll like it.