Saturday, 30 August 2014

Professor Brian Cox, the Muddy hole and the Haynes Zombie Survival Owners Manual

As yesterday was my birthday it means that today I am an entire year older than I was yesterday, now that’s a lot but its OK because as we all know now by eating Bacon Butty’s I have proved conclusively that I will live to the approximate age of 3489.2 years old.  OK it may not be conclusive because lots of folk here have said my maths was rubbish and it was like trying to understand Einstein written in Chinese backwards while riding a unicycle blindfolded. 

As a special Birthday treat I have been allowed outside to dig holes and hunt for Zombies, this is always a good way to pass the day, sliding down the muddy banks while some sort of monster or the like snarls at you. All I can say is never enter a muddy hole without a pointy stick, interestingly this is not  a useful tip I have seen in the Haynes Zombie Survival  Owners Manual (a grand book) that I received yesterday as a present from Mr F.  I have a feeling the reason it is not mentioned may be to do with the fact I spend more time in muddy holes that the average chap. It was never my intention in life for this to happen, but life is like that, you look into the future, see a mountain to climb, set off on your quest head help high full of ambition and enthusiasm and then all of a sudden you slip into a muddy hole.  Anyway I quite like them now they are bright warm cosy places (sorry I mean cold dark wet places), a small and interesting mini world of things (worms).

While I was sliding about in the muddy hole fending off Zombies and the like I noticed that in real life Zombies are a little less stereotypical in appearance than many publications would have you believe.  And I am still not sure if the one with a bolt through his neck was a Zombie or not, but he was definitely not friendly and said he wanted to eat Brian’s. . . so I was able to send him on his way a bit confused, but happy with the instructions to get to Brian’s house. I sent him to see that nice Professor Brian Cox, he is always doing experiments with electricity and the like on folk. I’m sure he will be interested in a chap (monster) with his head held on with a bolt. . . . . . . . . 



  1. 愛因斯坦 - that is s'pposedly 'Einstein' in Chinese. I think that first character looks like the word for 'love', (checking) hah! I was right, it is the character for love. Well, I guess I remember more Japanese kanji than I thought ....

    1. I am seriously impressed, I know nothing of such things and suspect my brain has hard wired such skilled out. Which leaves me with rambling away writing nonsense and drawing Zombies, Skills that are not needed quite so readily in mainstream society. Lets face it I can't go up to the Queen and say look I have just drawn this Royal Zombie in a crown. And did you know that if you runabout in small circles waving your hands about on a bus the driver gets well annoyed. Oooo look a seagull .
      I may become a professional Blogger, sometimes I hear folk on the radio saying I'm a professional Blogger and my view on this latest news is. . . . I can do that and even add. . . And I have drawn this Zombie holding a traffic cone. . . .

    2. I adore your rambling mind and the eXpressed words from it. I bet the Zombie thought it was an ice cream cone.

    3. I suspect as I get older the mind will ramble even more and I too will think that the traffic cone is an ice cream. . .

      You could get a lot of ice cream in a traffic cone its not a bad idea..

  2. Nothing wrong with having a pointy stick to hand. I always carry a wooden pointy stick made of metal with me, wherever I go. Comes in very handy pointing at stuff or, as I did today, pull the light fittings off to get rid of all the dead flies and bugs that collected in there! yuk!