Sunday, 2 February 2014

Two Sundays, a chart and a Frumplephone

Its Sunday today it seems to have been a long day so long in fact that it appears to have lasted two days, that’s an entire Sunday longer than normal for a Sunday. Sometimes it is good to get extra time we all run out of time at times but the main drawback to the extra long Sunday appears to be the entire loss of a Saturday. Anyway I am sure I cant be the only person who regularly losses days and finds themselves jet lagged having travelled nowhere. I say nowhere I have been to the Castle of the Bishop and in the garden and walked between rooms but these sort of distances will not jet lag a human (in theory) although I cant say the same for an ant.

 I have redone our solar panel monitoring sheet in Microsoft Excel as we are now legally obliged to keep one that also records income generated and date paid. This would normally be dads responsibility but he is either rubbing his hands pointing at the sun and shouting money money HA HAH HA HAH AH HAH AH Hha ha ha or he is shouting at clouds calling them things I dare not repeat on a child friendly diary. He has done a lot of that lately and thinks a water turbine would be a good idea…. Anyway it has been sunny today so that was good, but sadly it is not due to last as Dad says he plans to test the new weather machine again midweek and create a heat wave; I suspect it will all end in tears or rain. What he needs is a dramatic fanfare on a Bass Frumplephone . . . . . . WHAT I hear you type well I don’t mean it, but it is a great excuse to draw a Frumplephone. 


  1. I thought of Peter Frumpton, I mean Frampton, when I first saw your picture. Only I think he played a guitar.

    So your Sunday was a Twos-day,,,,, I woke up several times today, so that makes it more eventful. ActuaLLy I think it has maybe been a long or veRy long time since I have woke only one time in a single day, as there are usuaLLy naps and sporadic insomnia. I hope Mrs. GW is doing fine. I couldn't get buffalo so I made burgers from ground turkey and pork sausage. I cook a couple pounds of meat at one time as they reheat wonderfully in a microwave over the neXt few days, for Cooper and myself. I didn't mop today, so that means tomorrow is Mo(p)nday for me.

    On a bright note I should go to my son's house to keep his little dog company while he is away at a Super Bowl party. Her name is Trixie, and she is tiny, part poodle and mainly some tiny dog breed name that I forget too often.

    1. Keeping dogs company is a good thing to do . . . . . . My typing has got worse I managed to spell ever word wrong typing that . . . .

      I think I would prefer a supper bowl party, maybe a supper bowl full of turkey and pork sausage burgers. . . .

  2. I would like to hear a frumplephone in action. I have long dreamed to hear Beetzart's 51st Symphony In Green played on a frumplephone. Either that, or Baby Got Back.

    By the way, that drawing is incredible.

    1. Auntie Karen is a great frumplephone player or she would be if she could find one...

      Phil Spector was a fan of the Frumplephone I believe in his wall of sound, but some say it may have contributed to his hair style....

      Thanks for the compliment on the drawing it is not deserved as it was not what was planned but I cant undo what I do in my pics so am getting better and doing a quick rethink and going with the flow