Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Autumn, floors and the closure of a large place

Today was without doubt the most Autumnal day of the year so far, indicating that autumn really has arrived. Here in Britain that means that the temp in about 12C to 15c it is very very grey on account of the fact the sun is hiding behind a thick layer of grey cloud and it is also slightly drizzly and the hills are shrouded in a layer of mist. Still it could be worse……..

Anyway I was doing practical things at school today as the headmaster insisted or he said he would send me home to mark exam papers from this years new intake of pupils. So today I started to put down a new school staff kitchen floor to cheer it up and make it more colour coordinated… With luck it will be finished on Thursday and we can then play chess on it.

I noticed on the news this morning that the United States of America has closed as a result of a political stalemate in their equivalent of the House of Commons or maybe Lords (Congress). As it happens the real reason that American has closed is that it is broke, yes sadly the country has less money than a lonesome tuna fish in an aqua theme park which has now closed till further notice. But although broke America also has all the really scary weapons, so it will be OK because we will smile and lend them some more, it is always good to be friendly with the man with the scariest weapons. I could try waving my pointy stick, but I feel it will not have the same effect.

So all in all I have not had an exciting day and neither have folk in America, it must have been like the old days in Wales on Sunday’s before IKEA…..


  1. They closed America? That's a shame. I can't remember them closing Britain at all, except when I lost my favourite pen in 1997 and there was a nationwide search to find it.

    1. I remember that we were all very pensive . . . . . . . . .HAH AHH HAH HHAH HAH AH HAH HA HAH HA hah ah ahha ha hah hhah ha ha ha hahah ha ha hah ah ah ha ha

  2. If everyone in the country stood together and waved their pointy sticks, that might work better. Safety in numbers, and all that.

    1. We would look like a huge hedgehog. That would be good.

      Why did the hedgehog cross the road . . . .

      To see his flat mate....

      HAH HAHAHH AH hah ah ah ha hah ha ha hahah ah ah ahahhaha hah ah ah ah ahha h