Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Space Ferret, The Paddle Steamer and the Pirates of the Caribbean . . . . HAR HAR HAR

So what exciting events happened today I hear you type, well I sort of did things that I have done before really, starting with a bit of Zombie defence maintenance, it is after all important to be vigilant or they will sneak in; and before you can say Boris Karloff they are stabbing at your head with a knife and fork demanding dinner. OK yes quite a lot of them prefer spoons because lets face it the right hand, left hand, mouth coordination of a Zombie is famously RUBBISH.

After this I had a small bonfire to try and get rid of a pile of bits still lingering about from when the men with chainsaws removed the trees that were starting to get tangled up in the power lines that run over the corner of the garden. It was not really the best bonfire I have had but such is the way of bonfires, but at least all the stuff that was on it burnt even if there is still rather a large pile of more bits to burn in the future.

I then decided that after the events of yesterday where the man in the moon was eaten by a space gecko I needed to make escape plans in case the beast turns up here. So I tested the Steam Powered Steam Paddle Steamer in the pond. It was raining a bit at the time so an excellent test of the conditions I will have to face when being pursued by a space gecko, and it also gave me the opportunity to do a quick re-enactment of  Pirates of the Caribbean again . . . . .HAR HAR HAR

Shiver me timbers
Sail the Main Brace.
Lash them to the seagull and make em talk about planks? ….. (sorry Walk the Plank)
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Roast the parrot on the gibbered
More power Scotty there be a storm brewin HAR HAR
We'll have no Rhett Butler’s on this here paddle steamer, feed him to the sharks

It be gold HAR HAR
Run for your lives it’s a Space Ferret (sorry Gecko) HAR HAR HAR
Battle stations Dive Dive Dive . . . . . . . .NO hang on that’s not right

AH mum has said IDIOT.


  1. You come across a lot of space animals. Space geckos, space ferrets, space marmosets. You should open a Space Zoo. You could constantly play Babylon Zoo - Space Man all the time, it would be great.

    1. I am always amused that when I Google these things I get as many web pages listed as I do. I normally think HA HA no one will have done that yet only to find half the world has beaten me to the idea.

      Still I will evidentially think of something no one else has, but it may take some time.

  2. I think I have a large bottle rum somewhere or it might be vodka. I don't remember as I rarely go in that room and it is dark outside and that room is in another building. I think I am saving that alcohol for the post-Apollo-clips when the main forms of black market currency wiLL be alcohol, bullets, hydrocodone, and Elvis CD's.

    1. I will be broke when the post-Apollo-clips sneaks up on us as I will only have a few strange stories, some drawings and a posh guitar which I can only play remarkably badly.... OOoo and a drum which I play WELL GOOD....

    2. Here is a drummer joke for you:

      What do you caLL a drummer in prison right before he bumps his head reaLLy hard?

      Answer: Tis a preconcussion con percussionist

    3. That joke will take some beating . . . . .AHAH HAHAH HAH HAHAHH Hah ha ha ha ha ha hah ah haha ahah ah hah.