Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Weather Vane a helicopter and the Ghost Writer

Today started with some blue sky, this was a bit of a shock, although it did not last, and so it is very wet again now. But while it was sunny we noticed that the weather vane on the roof was a bit loose and flopping about rather badly, so after a quick game of Paper Scissors Stone the looser had to climb up and fix it. In the wind on a wet roof so who ever did it would need to not only be very bad at playing  Paper Scissors Stone, but also as mum would put it an IDIOT.  It was quite windy on the roof but I was able to undertake all the required repairs to keep it in place for the winter, to tell the truth I don’t think these things are designed for tropical storms, hurricanes, and 24/7 rain. I am sure they were originally placed on roofs as a compliment to fluffy clouds in a blue sky with a nice gentle spring breeze. 

Then after the rain started I was once again confined to the house, but spent a bit of time with the remote controlled helicopter practicing my skills in cat herding, splitting them into two groups and driving half of them into the kitchen and the other half into the living room. I know I should really do this with sheep but I was told off for getting the dog to round up a few dozen to practice with. It is interesting but a sleep looks small on the side of a mountain but get a dozen of them into your living room and they take up a lot of room. Making sheep herding within a house rather unpractical as they can barely move; and they eat the curtains, sheep are stupid and can’t tell the difference between a meadow full of flowers and a curtain full of flowers.

In other events I have helped a bit with a jigsaw (not the ones that cuts wood in half but a picture made of bits) although apparently super gluing the parts in place is not normally done, particularly when you have put the bit in the wrong place. I also helped with a jigsaw (not the picture made of bits but the one you cut wood in half with) as we are trying to hide the ceramic tiles in the kitchen, the general view is they need to go so the plan is to replace them with tongue and groove panelling which will be painted. It appears that all the work will be allocated in a democratic process based on Paper Scissors Stone, maybe this would be the way to select politicians it would be so much cheaper and just as effective. Although based on the theory that the looser has to be Prime Minister, I think I would be stuck there for life which would be awful.

I have also found a rather dodgy bit of recording of the Ghost Writer singing, it is a bit crackly but that was me trying to get him to stop. You know what he is like when he starts singing and playing musical instruments. Still it was back in the good old days of analogue recording when folk played real interments rather than a PC full of software. 


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