Saturday, 1 December 2012

The old homemade Cardboard Christmas tree and parties in the cold

We are off to Monty Town Hall tonight with Mr Charlie and Miss Jane to a curry and music night, it should be good. The only real worry is that Montgomery town hall’s heating system sort of failed in the summer and I think due to county politics it still is does not work (I hope I am wrong about that) so with the temp tonight being round about zero degrees C it may be somewhat on the cold side or as dad puts it ************* ******* freezing.  It may be that everyone will need to leap about, due to technical problems I do not leap about myself, and it will be interesting for the band because as a djembe player I must admit I do not like playing in the cold, although you do warm up fairly quickly playing drums. So as long as there are no harp players it might be OK.

I have also dusted off the old Cardboard Christmas tree  made as part of the Christmas window for Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop and have given it a test run, and all is well. Because we are not involved with his strange little shop this year, since he vanished into the eternal depths shouting HUMBUG and other words of a similar nature we can be a bit more Christmassy at home, although I am not allowed to attach eliminated? Sorry I mean illuminated pink Flamingos with flashing beaks on top of the chimney which seems a bit unfair.

Anyway I will be wearing loads of layers tonight just in case and if I do get too hot I can pretend to be a hamster and dose in the corner.

So that’s about it for today although I think I can now multi-track myself playing Djembe, I did have a little test run but I was a bit to cold so was not entirely happy with the final result. It also appears I am a bit too maverick to play along with, even when I am playing along with myself.  This is why bands split up all those egos competing with one another, and I am starting to learn it is even worse when all the egos are your own. I had to tell the rhythm section off earlier and then got in a strop because I had been told off for improvising in the rhythm section.  I was hoping that I would not notice.



  1. Sorry, I have kinda been away for a few days in a scholarly pursuit. I watched the first four seasons of the teleBision show Breaking Bad back to back pausing long enough to eat and sleep and little else. So I shaLL now resume the reading of the Rod ....

    1. No problem Mr ESB, we all have other things to do in the big wide world and reading my blog is certainly not compulsory in fact some may regard it as something of a penance . . . . . But it is a nice way to expand some of the creative elements of ones mind. I think it is good to find a way of using the creative elements of the human brain, I suspect if we do not use them then they may shut down and we then become none creative. I would not like to be a Non Creative life form.

    2. During ventures into Oriental foods lately, I have been eating a soup with curry in it. Before now my life had not been curry-ous, although I had been cre-ate-ive.

    3. Oh, I forgot to teLL you that I'll put my soup with curry recipe on my blog soon. My wife interrupted my blog thought process.

    4. Your sentence about being [I ... a bit too maverick to .... myself.] cracked me up laughing.

    5. I will pursue the curry on the blog. I have a feeling you have a different blog for your recipes so I will check . . . . . . . .. Glad you enjoyed my maverick self, I am not always like that but I have been known to have my moments...

    6. I am now following your food blog Mr ESB, although I am not really a person who cooks.

    7. That's okay, I try to focus on cooking less and faster with most items. I find that just a few eXtra veggies, meat, and spices reaLLy adds wonders to a store bought can of soup. Being chemist, I like to eXperiment.

    8. Sorry, that was s'pposed to be "Being a chemist ....". I didn't want you to get the wrong idea and think that aLL chemists eveRywhere are simply clones of me, and under my con-t-rol.

    9. Are you sure that you have not cloned yourself into an army of Chemists, that would be rather an interesting thing to do.

      Your own chemistry army to rule and order as you please, although I suspect world domination would not be high on your list. Maybe the perfect chicken sandwich and salad with a secret formulated dressing.