Monday, 10 December 2012

The Golden Yod . . . Photographic evidence of the Yod Particle

At school today I was complaining about the End of the World and the late arrival of Yod (The Golden Yod so I am told) to the physics teacher. But he said I am looking at this in the wrong way and I need to think of The Golden Yod as a collective of particles, not a big hand arriving or a man with a big beard because we are dealing with space the universe and everything, but we should be thinking more in the terms of the Large Hadron Collider. It appears it was built by a secret organisation of physicists who built it to search for the so called Yod particle.  He said once you know what you are looking for it should be much easier to see the arrival of Yod and that in his opinion as a physics teacher and member of a secret society dedicated to the strange Yod culture, I should have my camera ready to take a few photos pointing towards the West round about dusk.

So I did and have managed to take a photo of the illusive Yod particles as they entered the earths atmosphere, the dog was quite excited and said that he thought there was an outside chance that they might be made of cheese slices but mum said the dog was an IDIOT.

By way of celebrating the successful sighting of the Yod particles myself and my fellow drummer played our End of the World Drum Rhythm tonight, it appears that the Yod Particle is just the first phase of all this End of the World stuff, and I read somewhere today that it may involve chickens.  I am not sure if that means that the Space Gulls are in fact chickens or that there will be Space Gulls and chickens.

The Ghost Writer who managed to go to the office today (he has had Man Flu too) was well annoyed because he said it was the sunniest day for weeks and thought it was due to be Armageddon  weather. He also thinks it is unlikely that chickens will be involved in the end of the world as they are quite frankly stupid. I did say our chicken is not stupid and is hiding from aliens and huge cheese slices on top of the Christmas tree, but he seemed to take a completely different point of view about the intelligence of the chicken?  


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