Friday, 7 December 2012

Pigeons and the NEW date for the End of the World (sorry it keeps moving about)

As I write my diary I should be in conversation with others at a friends house eating posh food, but due to the curse of man flu I am instead at home writing my diary, on the bright side however I did not have to do things I did not fancy doing today. So as with most things in life there are positives and negatives to all situations.  And while on the subject of positives and negatives it appears that news that the world is due to end on the 21st Dec may be wrong as my good friend Miss Fionaski has updated certain information and I quote

 I was informed today that it is not the 21st we should be waiting on but the 10th of December. If my sources are correct this is when a golden yod appears in the sky and astrologically speaking this is a biggie! Yod is translated to mean the hand of higher realms.

So rather than the long wait until the 21st we only need to wait until the 10th, bearing in mind the world is round and we have time zones that could mean anything from the 9th to the 11th Dec.  You see a flat earth may not be practical but its one great advantage is that the End of the Earth is much easier to predict in fact there are some that might suggest one on the reasons there are no flat planets left is because of their advantages in matters of apocalypse.

Anyway I am still suffering the effects of Man Flu so I will keep things short and to the point as best I can, bearing in mind I hate short and to the point a great deal as it seems such a waist of  good words (OK I don’t use that many good words, but I am a simple chap who has not been taught many good words).

I saw something a little worrying earlier; as you know we feed the local birds in winter as they struggle finding food. Among the birds we feed are six collar doves, it used to be two but recently the numbers increased, anyway as dusk fell in the tree next to the house were about 50 pigeons WHAT ……. If that lot land on the bird table the food will last all of five seconds. I am going to have to tell those collar doves to keep the food supply to themselves  instead of telling all their mates. 


  1. in 1582 pope gregory XIII ordered the year to be shortend by 10 days because easter was happening later and later each year.
    There is also a theory that the Roman Catholic church added 300 years (complete with made up historical events) to the calender to coincide with predictions of future events so the end of the world might not actually be for another 300 years and 10 days or 31 days with today being the 7th, or maybe it happened already and we don't know about it and that was the dark ages and we are on the other side which means this is the after life or something. I'm a bit dizzy now and confused.
    Either way I reckon those pigeons are mate of Ollie.... Have you upset him? they look mean.

    1. Your are right about all that moving time, although I an not sure that I can hang about for another 300 years and 10 days (or 31 days) so I am hoping that the End of the World will happen in the spring when the weather is better. If it has already happened I am well annoyed but I do think it has; surely we would not be required to eat 5 (fruit and veg) a day in the after life.

      As soon as I saw that tree full of pigeons the fist thing that came into my mind was Ollie and his mates forced into the countryside to raid us unsuspecting country folk.

  2. REM confused me. I was reading words going around the globe but this being early morning man with early morning brain, I wasn't reading around where the last two words "the world" are backwards, instead I was trying to read it as two lines left to right, so I saw the backwards "World" as "blyoW", wondering what on earth that word meant.

    1. I am not sure how weLL birds share food, as I have neVer eXperimented with them. I did once do an eXperiment with sliced cheese as an outdoor material of construction. I placed several slices on the horizontal top side of an old T shaped pipe clothesline pole. The cheese got veRy hard and last several weeks. Ants would crawl around on it eXploring and eXpiring. For some reason ants died on the cheese. Soon the ants stopped coming near the cheese of death and did not even attempt to rescue their faLLen comrades. I would do the eXperiment again, but I didn't want to accidentaLLy kiLL any ants.

    2. I am interested to hear your story of the cheese and the ants as I have never heard that before. Why would cheese have this effect on ants or is it something to do with cheese slices in particular rather than a traditionally made cheese. I like cheese a lot but if I was put on a cheese slice that was proportionally equal in ration to that of the ant and a standard cheese slice, would I die... Maybe the End of the World will be the result of huge cheese slices falling to Earth from space, that is certainly something most people would not be expecting. If part of an Alien invasion it would be very effective as the element of surprise is a key factor in any battle.