Friday, 14 December 2012

Mist Rain Truth and Sadness

Finally the weather changed it warmed up a little, I say a little because it is at least the other side of freezing now, but very misty wet and dark, so all in all the weather is still rubbish. I noticed this morning that people are starting to vanish, even the ghost writer who is here and groaning said at his office most of the people had vanish, the security man at the main entrance to the Ghost Writers office said they had all vanished off on the Christmas holidays.  But that can’t be right as all the schools have to stay open until the end of next week. It is a tradition in Britain that the schools break up months before anyone else and that all us kids are bored silly by the time our parents get time off work. So Myself the dog and the Ghost Writer are working on the assumption that the aliens are going to sneak the end of the world on us so that we don’t notice. It will finally end with an elderly couple living on the outskirts of Swindon saying to one another I haven’t seen Doris for a couple of days, before both of them and their cat suddenly vanish leaving Planet Earth empty ready for re-colonization by the aliens and huge space gulls.

There is an old saying that goes Truth is Stranger than Fiction  . . . . . . . . Well not here its not ………

 Sadly the truth can also be very cruel, sad and unkind. I still fail to understand why humans can do terrible things to other humans, as I have said on many occasions the outcome of our actions are never predictable and it would be good if we all did our best to help each other rather than destroy each other.

While on the subject of truth, the Ghost Writer has told me it was his works Christmas party today, he always likes going to the works Christmas party because they do like to do a secret Santa. But as the presents were handed out and they got down to the last two presents it was suddenly realised that everyone had a secret Santa present except the Ghost Writer. As it happens the Ghost Writer said he did not mind because he knows I always get him something really interesting . . . . . . . . . . . .AH I knew there was someone I am meant to buy a present for, I must try and remember before Christmas day.

OK I need to run off again before writing about all the events of my day but they were not very exciting events and the small explosion only made a small whole in the school roof. And little Roger did manage to accidently jam the Physics teachers 4X4 in the corridor to the hall but they man from the RAC says if they dismantle it a bit they will have it back on the road by the middle of next week.


  1. I am so tired, i'm not sure which one I'm looking forward to most, the end of the school term, or alien abduction.

    It comes to something, when you see the end of the world as having a bit of a rest.

    1. hope things fall into place Miss Lily so that yourself and the Lil man have a good Christmas.

      I am sure you would prefer a good Christmas rather than becoming an alien experiment strapped down to a research bench and being probed with all sorts of strange things.

    2. Nah, I'll take the alien probing every time!

    3. Well Miss Lily it's tough but you might just save the world. Just remember not to smile too much

  2. You're so right, there isn't any reason why humans should do such terrible things to each other, I just don't understand why people do such horrible things.
    Hmm vanishing people, now that I think about it there have been less people about recently, I think you're right, the aliens are preparing...I hope they vanish us somewhere nice. We have to go somewhere, right?

    1. Indeed we do have to go somewhere Miss Laura. In fact I am convinced that we all go somewhere come what may as I have been very aware of a couple of events that would tend to lead to that conclusion.

      However I am not sure where it is we go, I am certainly not a heaven or hell person but would like to think that our actions now will have consequences in the where ever we end up next. But I know nothing so who can tell......

      Humans are not always nice to other humans but then nature is not nice, the main difference should be that humans should be aware of there actions and we should use that fact to help each other not kill destroy or try and get the better of one another. We live in a world where one person can live in a huge house while another lives in a cardboard box outside his home. I like to think that one day someone will find the solution to the complex issues of inequality greed corruption and everyone will be happy and a little more equal. For now however I will continue to deal with all this in the unwritten detail of my blog,

      PHEW ...... In short Miss Laura I am sure where we go will be OK as long as we try to be as nice as we can.